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Triumph Trophy 1200 test shorts

I’m so smooth

The aging Triumph Trophy 1200 should be given a facelift to give it a try. What did plastic surgery bring to the tourer?

Dear does it, Brigitte Nielsen does it, half Hollywood does it ?? and triumph does too. Lifting is all the rage. But unlike the eternally young women, whose long-term teenage nature quickly makes people feel disrepute, lifting a motorcycle is part of the legitimate daily business. And that although the facts are identical. Just like over there, assemblies that are no longer brand new are repackaged.
Triumph also went with the Trophy models – in addition to the 1200 series, the 900 series three-cylinder models – followed the path of classic cosmetic surgery. It was lifted where wrinkles really disturb. Specifically: the trophy got a new face. Trim front, windshield, interior trim – all revised. Not to make the last four-cylinder out of all three in the Triumph program drive its kissable grin. The trophy should not be more beautiful, but rather better. Less noise, less turbulence, that was the objective, as the predecessor definitely offered room for optimization. And because you were at it, the carburettors were quickly sprayed differently (goal: lower consumption), the secondary transmission and the side stand lengthened, the lower fairing blackened, the handlebars lightened by two kilograms.
That doesn’t change anything about the impressive total weight. 283 kilos are a word among men and generate respect, especially since every component of the Trophy looks like it has been carved out of one piece. Regardless of whether it is a luggage rack or a footrest holder: everything is very solid, but also heavy. Where the cosmetic surgeon would suck out fat, the Triumph was left untouched. The steel central tubular frame is still stable but not light, the row four is still strong but heavy and the surprise is still big but not unpleasant. Surprise? Exactly, because speed affects the trophy like the corset affects the waist. It makes you slim.
Or briskly how to take it. In any case, agile in view of the crowd. Once set in motion – measured 109 hp and 113 Newton meters of torque have little trouble with that – this trumpet of motorcycle shows itself at its best. Measured against its weight, it swings around all kinds of radii as light as a feather, accelerates and brakes so that it is a pleasure. Steers precisely, cushions and dampens comfortably, but still sufficiently tight. Driven around the corners, the moment inevitably comes when the fairing keel touches down. A fact that in itself hardly needs to be mentioned, if it weren’t for this voluminous resonance body Trophy-Bodywork. It turns a discreet scraping into a bloodcurdling rumble that gives the pilot a real shock.
So too colorful? Not at all, the fat woman can, despite this small flaw. But don’t just whet around the curve. It can also go straight ahead, and neatly. A slight but unproblematic stirring can only be felt when the wind conditions change (e.g. lorry slipstream). The wind noise is more important for tall people – who, by the way, can comfortably arrange themselves with the generous amount of space. To compensate for this, the new front takes its task as a cladding seriously, reliably protecting against everything that is storming. And Triumph also offers all sorts of other things to make traveling as pleasant as possible. Standard cases, painted in the vehicle color, with quick-release fasteners (36 liters of storage space each), a spring strut with a hydraulic spring base that can be infinitely adjusted with a wrench and ten-fold rebound adjustment and, as accessories, heated grips and a matching topcase. So everything is fine? Not quite because that
sThe self-set development goal was not achieved to full satisfaction either in terms of wind noise or consumption. Compared to earlier MOTORRAD measurements (11/1996), the Trophy consumed 0.3 liters less (8.4 to 8.7) at 160 km / h, but easily increased it again at 100 km / h (6 to 5, 6). A partial success, a game for time. Just like with the lifted ladies. Because even there, the expiry date is only extended from time to time. For all those who still want to do surgery themselves: The complete conversion kit (suitable from model 1996) is available for 599 marks from the friendly Triumph dealer.

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