MotoGuzzi Breva 750 motorcycle test


Biker test: Daniel


Moto Guzzi Breva 750I
First of all found it nice and friendly, the equipment
complete and good ergonomics. She is Beautiful, simple, looks
very comfortable as a duo an easy and quiet motorbike.

The dashboard is readable with the odometer and
tachometer, a liquid crystal window for the time,
temperature, mileage (2 partial) I

regrets the lack of fuel gauge, just a reserve light.
Beautiful red lighting. I will blame the dashboard for a little
lack of madness.

I, who am not very tall (1.70m), quickly find myself in
a natural driving position, at a reasonable height. I am
well wedged in the hollow of the saddle and I think my passenger
won’t complain, because its saddle is spacious, its footrests are
well placed and it has two ergonomic grab handles.
I can also put a top-cases or side bags there.


The engine started, he purrs and communicates his good humor to me.
A small vibration tickles my lower back. The foot on the
selector, 1st and me
Here we are, everything is easy, the selector stroke
is a little high, the bike is not heavy and does not interfere
maneuvers but the turning radius is a bit small.

In the city

In city traffic? No problem, it goes everywhere,
easy and very handy.

Green light, accelerator and the machine starts
lively pace with superb sound. Here I am on the highway, little
little by little, the rhythm gets carried away, the vibrations go up in the handlebars, I LOVE
THAT. The odometer already scores 130 km / h.

The small windshield seems a little fair to me.The engine runs like a
watch and handling is unsurprisingly healthy and comfortable. I
now get off the highway and take the back roads.

The bike rolls up the turns very easily and the flexibility of the
engine fills me with joy. To overtake, a little boost,
no need to play nonstop
with the box, the bike gives its power. GREAT.

Braking seems to me very efficient and easy to dose.
Very good engine brake assistance.

Moto Guzzi Breva 750Convenient

When stationary, there is only the side stand, (stand
central optional damage).
Under the saddle a small compartment to put the disk unit but not
room for the U.

The steering lock works on the left as well as on the

Consumption: 5.5 liters per 100


Of course, some will quirk in front of its modest power (50 horses on
the paper not on the road, go ask my driving friends
on larger machines), its 5-speed gearbox
or who will not like its aesthetic (not show off enough). Finally
we can’t please everyone.

But this Breva preserves most of the endearing character

Strong points Weak points
  • Motor character
  • Versatility
  • Ergonomics
  • Consumption
  • Selector travel
  • Optional center stand
  • Lack of fuel gauge
  • Turning radius

Competitors: Kawasaki Z 750, Yamaha Fazer 600


Owner reviews

Moto Guzzi Breva 750Michael
from Grenoble

"I am approaching 7000 km with the Breva, and I am always delighted.
It is now fully equipped: suitcases, top case,
windshield and central stand. I paid the price, but this
was worth it. "

Caroline Herault

"This motorcycle, it is hell. I who could not
decide on my future beauty, what about the SV650, Bandit,
Hornet, Fazer, Z750 … none of those really appeal to me…
But with the Breva, it’s a different story !!! I literally am
fell in love … "


"After an hour of testing, I was
won over: she rides like a bicycle and can be wise
or nervous. With a couple of hell at low revs,
it’s the foot on our alpine roads! The only downside is the windshield
a little light at "high" speed … but I do
1.86m. Super bike ride! And we got our ass on a Guzzi,
not on a Japanese. It does, anyway! "


"Hi. I fell in love with a beautiful Italian named
Breva. this is my 2nd Guzzi before I had a 750 Nevada.
It’s been 2 weeks since my beautiful entered my life and
I hope this will last a very long time. "


"I was really surprised by the flexibility of the box
and the engine (vibrations not always present), what a hum
atypical ! and what a couple! What maneuverability! In Auvergne by
this time, what a foot !!! For a first motorcycle, it’s downright


"Owner of a Breva, this is my vehicle
to go to work every day, and walk when the time is right
allows, and every morning it is a pleasure to start this wonder.
I am a young biker for the brand, she is my first GUZZI,
I had several models listed, Japanese, but when I
arrived at the
Moto Guzzi dealer, and that he started this twin, I had
thrills of pleasure, so at the time of the test, I cracked,
and this is how one becomes a Guzzist. With this friendliest motorbike
of the world I find that the pleasure is
other than speed or this race for power, which makes
feel and come out of complexed motorcyclists. "

An essay by Daniel

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  1. Currently on the scorpion trail 2, I hesitate to change … knowing that I have nothing to reproach on the scorpion 2

    oh yes maybe the longevity of the rear, not sure if it makes me more than 8000Km

  2. fully agree with you, the breva is a really nice and super pleasant motorcycle for walks on small roads or in town .

    I pass a little hello to all of Breva’s propio .Great

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