MP Magic Socks 37.5: for hobby, everyday life and work

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MP Magic Socks 37.5: for hobby, everyday life and work
Tobias Beyl


MP Magic Socks 37.5: for hobby, everyday life and work

MP Magic Socks 37.5 for hobby, everyday life and work
Anti-muffle socks for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists appreciate good underwear, functional shirts and trousers are important travel companions. With the MP Magic Socks 37.5, the feet also get increased comfort.

Tobias Beyl


Warming in winter, cooling in summer, wicking away sweat on the back, stimulating blood circulation in the legs. This is the job description of good functional underwear, which is why it is used in all kinds of sports – including motorcycling. In addition to shirts and trousers, such special clothing is of course also available for other parts of the body. Neck: tubular cloth. Head: balaclava. Hands: gloves. Feet: boots – and socks.

It is known that in addition to wool socks, socks and knee socks, there are also footwear for special purposes, such as hiking or work socks. What is less known is where exactly the differences lie and whether the manufacturer’s promises regarding ventilation, anti-stink function and durability actually apply. That’s why we took a closer look at a pair of socks that make particularly big promises: the MP Magic Socks 37.5.

37.5 relates to temperature and humidity

Of course, 37.5 does not represent the size of the socks in Magic Socks. Instead, the decimal point refers firstly to a body temperature that is perceived as pleasant and secondly to the best relative humidity in the area of ​​the feet. At least that’s what the manufacturer MP Magic Socks claims and justifies the choice of name for the 37.5 socks.

MP Magic Socks 37.5: for hobby, everyday life and work


In fact, we are impressed with the new version, the resilience has improved significantly.

We had already tested the predecessor of these magical socks in the spring of 2020 in MOTORRAD issue 5 and praised the high level of comfort and effective odor control, but at the same time criticized the lack of resistance. MP Magic Socks now promises the same strengths with the successor model, but wants to have worked on the weaknesses plus integrated the said temperature and humidity control.

70 percent made of merino wool

In fact, we are impressed with the new version, the resilience has improved significantly. Where 82 percent real merino wool was previously processed, it is now only 70, but the socks are still soft and comfortable to wear. This is thanks to the sensibly positioned reinforcements, a thicker, cushioning material on the soles and the sometimes more airy fabric for the purpose of breathability. Reinforced seams also do their part.

Silver, copper and zinc have an odor-inhibiting effect

The merino wool is complemented by polyamide in the form of Lycra and nylon. In addition to resilience, these synthetic fibers also ensure a tight, but comfortable and, if necessary, stretchy fit. The interwoven yarn also contains silver, copper and zinc – like the previous socks, the MP Magic Socks 37.5 continue to be convincingly odor-inhibiting. The manufacturer even had these deodorizing properties confirmed in accordance with ISO 17299. Traveling for several days without washing is no problem as long as the socks are aired out overnight.

We could not measure the exact temperature in the test, nor could we measure the relative humidity in the area of ​​the feet, but the testers unanimously report a consistently pleasant wearing comfort, regardless of the purpose, location and duration of use.

The socks are available in light gray and dark gray as well as two size ranges, and they are available as a pack of 3, 6 or 12. Price: a set of 3 for around 48 euros, a pack of 6 for around 82 euros, a pack of 12 for just under 150 euros. Sizes: 38–43, 44–48.


The MP Magic Socks 37.5 convinced us in the practical test. The socks have overcome the weaknesses of the previous version with regard to insufficient durability, continued the old strengths such as reliable odor inhibition and not only made additional promises, but also kept them. Thus, the socks are loyal, pleasant and non-smelly travel companions for motorcyclists.

+ very comfortable, pleasant foot temperature in hot and cold, odor-inhibiting

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