MRA – variable license plate holder

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MRA - variable license plate holder


MRA – variable license plate holder

MRA license plate holder
Variable in all directions

Accessories provider MRA is venturing into a new product segment and has developed a variable license plate holder.

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Motorcyclists was the accessory brand MRA Previously known for their motorcycle fairing windows and windshields, the Teningen-based provider is now expanding its portfolio to include license plate holders.

The new license plate holders are designed as a complete package including a model-specific adapter. The overall package includes a matching reflector, license plate lighting and all the necessary adapter plates and small parts.

Length, width and angle are adjustable

The material used for the license plate holder and the adapter plate is 2 mm thick, plastic-coated steel, which is shaped by laser cutting. In order to adapt the license plate holder exactly to your own license plate, the indicator mounts can be continuously adjusted from 180 to 210 mm using elongated holes. The reflector is height adjustable and can be varied by 40 mm. Mounted together with the model-specific adapter, the license plate angle can then also be changed.

MRA - variable license plate holder


The MRA license plate holders are available for various Yamaha and Honda models.

Currently the MRA license plate holder for the Honda models CB500F, CB500X / XA, CBR500R, NC700S / 750S, NC750X / XA / XD (all from model year 2016) as well as the Yamaha models MT07 / FZ07 (from 2014) and MT09 / FZ09 (from 2017) to have. Further models are to follow.

The MRA license plate holders are now available at prices from 99.90 euros.

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