MV Agusta with Akrapovic as a new exhaust partner

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MV Agusta with Akrapovic as a new exhaust partner
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MV Agusta with Akrapovic as a new exhaust partner

MV Agusta with a new exhaust partner
Akrapovic develops for the Italians

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta has entered into a development partnership with the Slovenian exhaust specialist Akrapovic.

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MV Agusta builds exclusive motorcycles that are also defined by their unique design but also by their unique sound, explains MV Agusta boss Timur Sardarov. The Italians have now entered into a partnership with Akrapovic so that the sound component will be even more effective in the future.

MV Agusta with Akrapovic as a new exhaust partner

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Akrapovic replaces SC Project as the exhaust system supplier at MV Agusta.

The Slovenians will develop exhaust systems for the upcoming MV Agusta models, which should stand out both in terms of sound and appearance. The exhaust systems are mainly to be made of titanium and carbon. So far has been MV Agusta operated by the exhaust system manufacturer SC Project.

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