New items 2005-2006


New items 2005-2006

New items 2005/2006

It is progressing

Every year again. It will be exciting. Rumors become facts, vague indications become concrete reports. What comes, what doesn’t come, or something completely different? The current state of affairs.

The beauty of life is that it is so surprising at times. For example, with the annual effort to anticipate the new motorcycle innovations for the coming season. There was and is much speculation at MOTORRAD too. But nobody could have guessed that. So, officially: Harley ?? pardon Buell ?? builds an enduro. Or something like that anyway. “Adventure Sports” is the typification of the clever marketing strategists for the newest offspring of the XB12 family.
What would simply be called »GS« in Bavaria is much more lively in Amiland. Ulysses XB12X ?? a name that smells of freedom, of stick and stone. And a vehicle that also looks like an adventure. But made: even the most beautiful name cannot hide the fact that the domain of the X (available from autumn, price: 11,499 euros) is clearly on asphalt. Mighty, expansive 45-degree V2, the huge aluminum bridge between the steering head and swing arm, the massive silencer deep down under the motor-gear unit ?? nothing that makes you the King of Crosscountry. From this point of view, it is only logical that Buell did without enduresque soles and let the Ulysses come along in the pure street format 120/70 and 180/55.

So nothing for difficult terrain. This is also signaled by the tread of the new Dunlop D 616 tires, which have a high proportion of negative tread, but are miles away from real studs. For second- and third-class roads or gravel roads, however, they should be just as good as the good ones
160 millimeters of travel (XB12S: 119/127 millimeters) of the Showa-
Elements at the front and rear as well as the 171 millimeter ground clearance (XB12S: 118 millimeters).
But that is by far not all that turns the S into an X. The interventions in the chassis geometry are particularly profound. The search for a sovereign idea
Undulating piste led Erik Buell away from his radical “short-steep-stiff” creed and into the temperate zones of motorcycle construction. The result: 227 kilograms curb weight and
A total of 50 millimeters more wheelbase, which is mainly due to a longer and lighter swing arm and a flatter steering head angle (67.5 instead of 69 degrees). The significantly longer trail, which is now 122 instead of the previous extreme 83 millimeters, also speaks for the more relaxed character of the X. In addition, the frame, which also acts as a tank, has been made somewhat wider and more bulbous in the flank area. Result: With 16.7
It now holds 2.7 liters more liters.
Not a record value, really, but definitely a step forward that is easily enough for an extended joyride. Gladly in pairs, because contrary to the previous practice of
Model family, to offer at best a makeshift solution in the second row, the XB12X tries to ensure comfortable conditions. It even goes so far that, in addition to the longer and wider bench seat and a spring strut that can be pre-tensioned by handwheel, it also has a so-called “multifunctional rear”.

The idea is amazingly simple: when not in use
the rear section, which can be swiveled by 180 degrees, functions as a bench-
cover and luggage rack base plate, in pillion operation around
Swiveled 90 degrees upwards as a backrest for the Holde, if luggage is also transported, it can be swiveled 180 degrees back and functions as a luggage rack behind the pillion.
If that’s not enough to get excited about a Buell: According to the press release, the well-known malaise with the transmission should also be
Belong in the past. The gears are now inclined instead of straight, and even the clutch should be smoother than before.
“It was about time”, experts in the field will say. And not only want the improved transmission, but also the chassis modifications in a civilian XB12 variant. Don’t worry: in the future you will be treated to the Lightning Long XB12Ss (price: 11,249 euros)-
help. This takes over the corner except for the long spring travel-
data of the X, which also offers a longer and higher bench seat, remains
but otherwise true to the well-known Lightning appearance ?? and should therefore seamlessly build on the success of the compact sisters.

The new, little Daytona from Triumph is even liked by Besse-
res wish. Its predecessor eke out a wallflower-
being in the shadow of the Japanese 600 aces. With each other
However, the detail that can be learned about the new three-cylinder engine makes it clearer that something exciting is about to happen.
The most recent snapshots of the Daytona 680 show an extremely compact, sinewy, formally independent athlete who no longer has anything to do with the sweeping predecessor. It starts with the frame. Instead of the smooth aluminum bridge, the typical Triumph cane mesh made of light metal, as known from the Speed ​​Triple, is used. In it hangs an ultra-compact, around 680 cubic centimeter and completely redesigned three-cylinder, which thanks to-
Gear shafts mounted on other bearings are not only very short, but also very narrow with its three cylinders and, compared to the width of the Daytona 650, allows almost two-cylinder dimensions.
In terms of performance, however, the 600 four-cylinder should
the dimensions are possible. The rumor speaks of around 125 hp, which, in conjunction with a full acceleration from the central position and a very low weight below 190 kilograms, should ensure great driving pleasure with a full tank. That makes you curious, while a rumored scrambler based on Bonneville probably doesn’t have any technical surprises, but should offer a lot for the eye.
The same applies to Suzuki’s new range in the middle class. There are growing signs that it will be next for this year
The renovated Bandit 650 will give another inline four-cylinder in a significantly more progressive packaging. How something like that could look,
the designers in Hamamatsu have long shown a few displacement classes higher, with the B-King, as a study with a 1300 engine. Now comes the little sister, whose drive is based on the current GSX-R 600. And everything else that is state of the art should be used with the B-King 600. Bridge frame made of aluminum, upside-down fork, powerful braking system and of course the silencer in the rear ?? Equipped in this way, the successful Yamaha FZ6, Kawasaki has a good chance
Z 750 and the Honda Hornet 600, which sells particularly well in southern Europe, to compete.

The thoroughly redesigned GSX-R 600, whose appearance will traditionally resemble that of its big sister GSX-R 1000, also wants to compete with its fellow campaigners. In addition, it can be taken for granted that the performance of the 600 series, which has fallen a little behind, will again be on par with its opponents in the 2006 version. This refers in particular to the Yamaha YZF-R6, which is also pending revision. R1 style exhaust
in the rear frame, swing arm with lower bars instead of upper bars like its big sister, a tiny bit lighter and maybe a bit stronger ?? the next year’s R6 will certainly not be a new model, but a model that has been updated.

In stark contrast to the Supermoto, which is based on the WR 450 F in the starting blocks. Very clearly and much more uncompromisingly committed to the sport than, for example, the XT 660 X, the new Yamaha Supermoto should be designed to be excitingly aggressive and almost hit the hook while standing. In addition, thanks to the high-revving high-tech single cylinder around 50 hp and a weight between 110 and 120 kilograms ?? that would be something.

The fans of the Reds from Bologna may say that too
?? and take a furtive look at Rimini, because not Ducati, but Bimota is currently designing the most exciting dress for the air-cooled Desmo twin. After the athlete DB5, the Riminese will present a naked bike on this very basis. It is not yet clear whether the DB6 will be called like our retouching. Technically, in any case, no surprises are to be expected, 92 HP and a weight of almost 180 kilograms with a full tank meet even the highest demands. The
Design anyway.

Which brings us back to Ducati. There will definitely be no successor to the SS series with the air-cooled 1000 series for 2006. And also not a facelift of the 999. Even the scrambler with the Testastretta twin cut in half, which Ducati is currently considering, is made for that
Model year 2006 not finished. The fans have to console themselves with the fact that delivery of the Sportclassic models will begin in October. First of all, the Paul Smart 1000 Limited Edition comes to customers, which is only to be built 2000 times. Then it continues with
the Sport 1000. The only difference between the two models is
the spring elements (the Paul Smart is completely equipped with Ohlins, the Sport with Marzocchi / Sachs) and the half-shell on the replica.
Otherwise everything is identical: 1425 millimeter wheelbase, 66 degree steering head angle, spoked wheels with current tire formats (120/70 and 180/55), 320 brake discs with floating double-
piston pliers, 15 liter tank. And of course the engine, which develops 92 hp at 8000 rpm.
However, while the Paul Smart replica is only available in silver with a green frame, it will be the S.port 1000 is available in red and black in addition to the well-known yellow, each with a white vertical stripe.

So, that’s the state of affairs. Nearly. Of course there is too
a “new” Harley. The Dyna range has been redesigned and is around the
puristic street bob has been added. But compared to the hot Buell Enduro, that’s more of a standstill.

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