Newron Motors – high-end electric motorcycle


Newron Motors - high-end electric motorcycle
Newron Motors.

High-end electric motorcycle from Newron Motors

Startup cooperates with Advans Group

The French startup company Newron Motors has set itself the goal of offering very well-equipped high-end electric motorcycles from 2020. A cooperation with the Advans Group has now been concluded for this purpose.

D.he electric motorcycles from Newron Motors are to be located in the high-end segment, according to the manufacturer. The first prototypes clearly show in which direction it should go visually. Apart from that, the young startup company hasn’t made much public about its bikes so far. We are familiar with the prototype presented here and the cooperation with the microfinance company Advans Group, which financially supports small companies that want to start with innovative and sustainable ideas.

12 copies should come in 2020

Newron Motors has decided to put a total of twelve motorcycles on the bikes as a limited special series in the coming year. The number of units is to be increased and production expanded in 2021. What is particularly striking about the prototype is the wood-look design and the cylinder-like drive unit inside the motorcycle. The seat hump is designed for one person. Otherwise, the shape of the prototype is reminiscent of a drag racer.

Newron Motors.

Newron Motors would like to offer high-end motorcycles with an electric drive from 2020.

300 km range for 60,000 euros

The Newron EV-1 is powered by a 75 kW electric motor that should accelerate the bike from zero to 100 km / h in just under three seconds. The maximum speed is given as 220 km / h. There is no information on the size of the battery, but the range on one charge is up to 300 kilometers. With the fast charger, the battery should be ready to go again after 40 minutes. The Newron EV-1 can now be pre-ordered. A deposit of 2,000 euros is required for the reservation. The final price is 60,000 euros.

The company Newron Motors was founded at the end of 2017 by the two engineers Sebastien Mahut and Michel Serafin. Motorcycle enthusiast Mahut had already converted an Aprilia Futura into an electric motorcycle in 2009, which could reach speeds of up to 110 km / h and a range of at least 60 kilometers. Thanks to this first prototype, the idea of ​​founding a new company that specializes in the development of electric motorcycles arose a few years later.

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