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Vespa Special Edition models

Cult scooter as a yacht club and Notte

Vespa is launching the GTS, Primavera and Sprint scooter models in new special model variants. The Yacht Club versions are supposed to exude a maritime flair, the Notte versions are night black.

TIn terms of technology, the special models remain unchanged compared to the 2018 standard models, but they can clearly set themselves apart visually.

Vespas in yacht look


The Yacht Club variant is the Primavera 50 and 125, the GTS 125 and the GTS 300. The Yacht Club look is defined by a white base coat, a blue bench with white piping and opaque blue aluminum alloy wheels with diamond cut on the flanks. There is also a Yacht Club logo.

The Yacht Club models are available at prices from 3,750 euros for the Primavera 50, from 4,850 euros for the Primavera 125, from 5,340 euros for the GTS 125 and from 6,140 euros for the GTS 300.

Notte like night black


Tea Vespa special models Notte, which are also available as Primavera 50 and 125, GTS 125 and GTS 300, appear in cool matt black. Conspicuously inconspicuously, the mirror, “tie”, rims, silencer cover and passenger grip in glossy black stand out from the dominant matt black of the chassis.

The Vespa Sprint 50 Notte costs 3,750 euros, the Vespa Sprint 125 Notte 4,950 euros, the Vespa GTS 125 Notte 5,390 euros and the Vespa GTS 300 Notte 6,190.00.

All special models are now available from dealers.

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