News – News Benelli 2016: finally new motorcycles! – Used BENELLI

New Benelli 2016: finally new motorcycles !

News - News Benelli 2016: finally new motorcycles! - Used BENELLI

If the EICMA show in Milan had been excessively calm at Benelli last year, the 2015 edition is much more dynamic: the Italian brand offers no less than four new motorcycles: a small 125 typed MSX, a small road based on the BN 302, a trail with Multistrada airs and a crisp neo-retro.

If the EICMA show in Milan was last year, the 2015 edition is much more dynamic: the Italian brand offers no less than four new motorcycles: a small 125 typed MSX, a small road based on the BN 302, a Multistrada trail and a crisp neo-retro.

Tornado Naked T

Very small but perfectly put forward on the Milanese catwalks, the "Tornado Naked T" or TNT is inspired by Honda’s MSX 125, with its mini roadster look and its 12-inch wheels measuring 120 mm wide at the front and 130 rear.

The 4-stroke single cylinder is simply air-cooled, but its cylinder head houses four valves and dual ignition! In its 125 cc version, it develops a maximum power of 11.7 hp at 9000 rpm and a torque of 10 Nm 200 turns lower (respectively 12.6 hp and 10.8 Nm in 135 cc).

More powerful but less torquey than the "Dax of the 21st century" (9.8 hp and 10.9 Nm), the new model from Varese – and Qiangjiang! – also plays the big arms … inverted fork: 41 mm in diameter, against 31 for its Japanese rival.

As on the Honda, the front braking of the small Benelli is entrusted to a double piston caliper which bites a 220 mm disc. At the rear, however, it is a simple 190 mm drum that officiates. Finally, the tank can hold 7.2 liters of fuel (5.5 liters on the MSX).

The Lion of Varese has fangs…

"The Benelli Tornado Naked T will be available in the second half of 2016", predict the Italians but "the price, which will undoubtedly be very competitive, has yet to be confirmed". For information, Honda is currently invoicing its MSX in France at € 3,249.

Next to this small, very urban vehicle is another Tornado for road use: the Tornado 302, a streamlined version of the presented in 2015. We thus find the in-line twin of 300 cc, with liquid cooling, double camshaft and 4 valves.

Tornado 302

The technical sheet of the Italian manufacturer – controlled by the Chinese – indicates a maximum power of 35.4 hp and a torque of 27 Nm. The transition to the Euro4 standard has therefore slightly restricted the twin and imposed the presence of a large silencer.

If the braking system of the BN302 is completely renewed (double 260 m disc and four piston calipers at the front, single 240 mm disc and single piston caliper at the rear), as is the inverted 41 mm fork, the Tornado 302 benefits from a new frame and a new rear suspension with central shock absorber.

At the same time, the road adopts a new tank with cleverly worked shapes but paradoxically reduced capacity compared to the roadster: 14 liters against 16. Finally, we obviously note the appearance of an integral fairing which we hope will properly protect the vehicle. pilot.

To see the small size of the bubble, however, we can already fear a neck pain after several hours of travel. What to check during a next MNC test? The arrival of this new Benelli in dealerships is announced for the second half of 2016, at a price still unknown. To be continued.

TRK 502

A third segment of the vast motorcycle market will be coveted by Benelli from summer 2016: that of mid-displacement trails! And it is with an unprecedented TRK 502 that the transalpines intend to bite the market share of the Tiger 800, GS 700 and 800, Versys 650 or V-Strom 650…

"Installed in a traditional steel trellis frame is the all new 500 cc liquid 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine developed by Benelli for its latest models, equipped with electronic fuel injection, double overhead camshaft and four valves. by cylinders ", detail the Italians.

Its maximum power of 48 horsepower at 8500 rpm and its torque of 45 Nm from 4500 rpm place the TRK 502 in a lower category than the "six-and-a-half" and "eight-hundred", but it could well fill the difference with greater autonomy (20 liters of tank).

On paper, the rest of its hardware is quite convincing: dual 320mm discs bitten by dual-piston floating calipers in front, 260mm disc and twin-piston caliper behind, fully adjustable 50mm inverted fork and travel. 145 mm (front / rear).

The TRK 502 will be delivered as standard – from the second half of 2016 – with 17-inch spoke alloy wheels shod with Pirelli Angel (120/70 and 160/60), but more adventurous customers will be able to opt for spoke wheels 19 and 17 inches equipped with studded tires (110/80 and 150/70).

Finally, the motorcycle that will certainly hold the most attention of visitors to the Benelli stand is the Leoncino: posted on the central podium of the stand, this super successful concept indicates that the Varese manufacturer will – very – soon launch into the neo retro !


Founded in 1911, the Benelli company is perfectly legitimate in this niche. Admittedly, its new 500cc twin lacks a bit of style – its water cooling is not even camouflaged! -, but other devices help to create a diversion.

Its minimalist "Full LED" lighting highlights its beautiful lines and its sublime biton paint, while its petal brakes, its 19 and 17 inch spoke rims and studded tires – borrowed from the TRK 502 off-road version – give it a Scrambler look very fashionable now.

Posted on the front fender of the Leoncino ("lion cub" in French), the Lion of Varese brings the final touch that we hope to find on the final and commercial version of this tasty Benelli. "We plan to launch it before the end of next year in Italy, at a price contained under € 6,000," said the communications manager interviewed by Site at the Milan show. Business to follow closely: stay connected !

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