Norton Superlight SS with charging and carbon frame

Norton Superlight SS

With charging, carbon frame and 170 hp

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The British motorcycle manufacturer Norton is bringing an exclusive special series of the new Supersport 650 series. Now there is first information and first pictures.

With the NOTOrton Superlight, the British presented a new super sports model based on the new two-cylinder engine at the end of 2018. The twin derived from the large V4 engine has an output of 105 hp and 75 Nm. Production of the new 650s has now started in November 2019.

Compressor as an additional power source

But the British are up to speed. Norton announces to Superlight SS through Facebook. That shows a 650 as you know it. In contrast to the basic model, the Superlight SS will have a frame and a single-sided swing arm made of carbon, rims made of carbon, a titanium exhaust and a 650 twin with supercharging. With forced ventilation, the two-cylinder should produce a whopping 170 hp. The carbon frame traces the standard aluminum frame pretty precisely, but should weigh around 47 percent less.

The dry weight should be 153 kilograms. Performance data are not mentioned. The production is limited to 50 copies. The new Norton Superlight SS was presented at the Motorcycle Live, NEC, in Birmingham. Norton is already accepting orders for the exclusive model for a deposit of £ 10,000. The first machines will be delivered from May 2020. However, they will come without homologation and therefore without road approval. Customers have to be prepared for a price of 49,995 pounds (around 58,400 euros).

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