WSBK – Camier replaces Barrier at the Aragon Superbike – Used BMW

Camier replaces Barrier at the Aragon Superbike

WSBK - Camier replaces Barrier at the Aragon Superbike - Used BMW

Without handlebars this year, Leon Camier has temporarily found refuge in World Superbike within the BMW Italia team: the English champion will replace our injured compatriot Sylvain Barrier, who we hope to find at the end of April in Assen..

The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others … In this case, benefits Leon Camier who, dropped successively by the Suzuki Crescent Superbike team at the end of last year and then by the Ioda Aprilia MotoGP team just before the start of this 2014 season, finds a handlebar for at least one event…

In the middle of last week, Sylvain Barrier’s relatives let it be known via his official Facebook page that "Sylv’1" was recovering quickly: "the doctors are confident for the rest of the events and are delighted to see the positive evolution of his state of health due to his good physical condition".

"This is encouraging news and we hope to quickly find Sylvain on the SBK circuits.", continued the entourage of the double champion of Superstock 1000, before thanking"professors Breton and Bouletreau as well as Julie Champin who do everything for a quick return.

The Dutch event is clearly in the sights of n ° 52. In the meantime, his BMW Italia team, registered this year in World Superbike in the Evo category, has decided to entrust the handlebars of his unique S1000RR to an excellent rider: Leon Camier.

Triple champion of Great Britain (125 in 2001, Supersport in 2005 and Superbike in 2009, read), "Mister Kamir" sees there an unexpected opportunity to restore his image on a machine which could well correspond to his large size: 1.88 m for 79 kg.

"I have ridden the standard version before and this is the most comfortable road bike I have tried", estimates Leon who was however driving last year on a GSX-R with generous forms."So I hope it will be the same with the racing version and that I will find the right feeling straight away.".

"I can’t wait to get to work", testifies Leon Camier. Delighted to find his little comrades next week in Aragon (even if he had done on this track last year!), the ex n ° 2 of Suzuki naturally wishes Sylvain Barrier to get back to shape and frame as quickly as possible…

Injured several times in 2013, Leon had himself been replaced – notably by at Magny-Cours – and knows better than anyone what "Syl’20" is going through at the moment: "my best wishes to Sylvain, I hope that his recovery will go as planned and that he will be back on his feet soonTo be continued on MNC: stay connected !

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