Other enduro bikes from Royal Enfield: Sherpa and Hunter


Other enduro bikes from Royal Enfield: Sherpa and Hunter
Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield Sherpa and Hunter

Indians are planning more enduros

The Indian motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield has patented two new model names. The names Sherpa and Hunter indicate other enduro models.

The current enduro range at R.oyal Enfield includes only the Himalayan. It is powered by a 411 cm³ single cylinder, which brings us to 25 HP and 32 Nm.

With the other models Sherpa and Hunter that have now been rumored, the Indians could expand their portfolio up and down. With a 250 single, the Sherpa could serve as a new base enduro, especially for the Asian market. The Hunter would fall into the role of the new top model. The two-cylinder with 48 HP and 52 Nm torque known from the 650 models would be used in the Hunter. In this combination, the Hunter would also be interesting for export markets.

These speculations are underpinned by Erlkonig sightings by Indian media, which are already reporting on prototypes of a Himalayan with a two-cylinder engine. In addition, Royal Enfield boss Siddhartha Lal has openly philosophized about a Himalayan with the 650 twin. Both enduros could come as 2021 models at the end of 2020.

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