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Out for Buell EWC


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Out for Buell EWC

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It’s over – for real now?

It is well known that the dead live the longest, but now the end for Erik Buell’s sports motorcycles seems definite. According to a press release, Erik Buell Racing (EBR) in East Troy, Wisconsin, USA, is now finally being wound up.

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“It was a tough decision, the EWC team worked tirelessly to rebuild the company. Nobody on the team is to blame for the current decision. Our deepest gratitude goes to all employees and their families for their efforts and dedication to the company. The decision was made mainly because of the massive difficulties in finding new dealers. That and other closings by major manufacturers and suppliers have the challenges for EWC just made it all the bigger, ”says the press release. This was not to be found anywhere on the EWC website. A spokeswoman for EBR investor Liquid Asset Partners has now confirmed their authenticity to MOTORRAD online.

The communication also states that EWC will meet all warranty obligations towards customers. The supply of parts should also be secured. The liquidation of the plant, production facilities and parts is scheduled to begin in March 2017.

In 2009, Harley-Davidson presented the brand belonging to the group Buell on. Erik Buell then succeeded with difficulty in pulling up his own company, EBR, again. The bankruptcy came in 2015 when the Indian partner Hero withdrew from it. But Buell didn’t give up, kept finding new investors and launched a new sports motorcycle production facility in 2016, initially only for the US market. But now this dream seems to be over.

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