Paris Motor Show – News, organization: Suzuki unveils its program for the Paris Motor Show – Used SUZUKI

News, organization: Suzuki unveils its program for the Mondial de la Moto de Paris

Paris Motor Show - News, organization: Suzuki unveils its program for the Paris Motor Show - Used SUZUKI

One month before the start of the Mondial de la Moto de Paris, Site reviews the troops present at Porte de Versailles from October 4 to 10. Suzuki France, a manufacturer both concerned with the motorbike and auto part of the show, will exhibit around thirty motorcycles and scooters on a dedicated 400 m2 stand..

Site: Will Suzuki moto be officially present at the 2018 Paris motorcycle show, which this year has the particularity of being coupled with the Mondial de l’Automobile? In what form and with what means ?

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Adrien Lerousseau, Suzuki France communications manager : We will obviously be loyal to the Paris Motor Show, with the entire Suzuki team who will welcome you on a brand new 400 m2 stand in Suzuki colors and which will exhibit around thirty motorcycles and scooters. Our particularity is that we will exhibit at the same time for the motorbike and for the car. Finally, for the first time in a long time, we will be present with a team of salespeople to advise and sell our range directly on our stand..

MNC: Do you plan to reveal "real" novelties there, knowing that the French meeting collides with Intermot from October 3 to 7 in Cologne (Germany) and that the very popular EICMA will open its doors in Milan (Italy ) barely a month later (November 6-11) ?

A. L. : Indeed, we will present our range and our new products in Paris and Cologne at the same time.

Paris Motor Show - News, organization: Suzuki unveils its program for the Paris Motor Show - Used SUZUKI

MNC: What events have you planned to attract Parisian visitors? ? 

A. L. : As I indicated, a team of Suzuki sales staff will be present on the stand to advise and sell, with specific offers over the period. We will also have our traditional meetings, exchanges and dedications between our official riders – endurance, speed, motocross and supercross – and the public. We will also unveil unique virtual reality experiences and share common activities between the motorcycle stand and the auto stand, which will exhibit motorcycles and marine engines. Other events are in preparation and will be discovered directly on the Suzuki stand !

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The opinion of the Journal moto du Net

account – with, and to a lesser extent with its X-Bow – among the manufacturers involved in both motorcycles and cars, two radically different fields which will coexist at the 2018 Paris Motor Show in a new mixed format. For brands with "double caps", satisfying everyone therefore implies having a stand in the "car" section and another in the "motorcycle" section..

 Paris Motor Show - News, organization: Suzuki unveils its program for the Paris Motor Show - Used SUZUKI

This duplication creates logistical headaches, in addition to significant additional costs. Under these conditions, the manufacturers concerned could be tempted to concentrate their forces on the car business, bypassing the two-wheeler hall. To our relief this is not the case with Suzuki, even if joint animations are planned to try to bridge the gap between the two universes..

Fans of Suzuki motorcycles and scooters will therefore have their own stand dedicated to Hamamatsu two-wheelers, with around thirty models on display. Additional good news: Suzuki’s will be on display in Paris at the same time as the Cologne Intermot, which begins one day before the Paris show. No jealousy: French and German visitors will be accommodated in the same boat !

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It remains to be seen how many new Suzuki products will actually be unveiled in a month, and if the Japanese manufacturer will not keep its "real" new models for the EICMA in Milan at the beginning of November, the largest and most frequented motorcycle show in Europe..

Recall that last year, Suzuki only unveiled the – cafe racer version of – and special series. At the same time, Euro4 standards have forced several models to retire – including the -, digging as many unplugged holes in the Suzuki catalog…. 

 Paris Motor Show - News, organization: Suzuki unveils its program for the Paris Motor Show - Used SUZUKI

Will the brand reverse the trend in 2019 with new and high-performance models, as it began to do in 2017 with the? Will it launch for this purpose, this enticing roadster with a new twin-cylinder of 100 ch turbocharged, regularly exhibited in the state of concept since… ?

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Some also evoke the possibility of discovering – finally! – there, why not powered by a compressed 4-cylinder capable of holding the dragee high ?! Answers in less than a month at the Mondial de Paris: stay connected !

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