Practical guides – Practical guide to motorcycle trips in Europe – England: the land of differences!

Practical guide to motorcycle travel in Europe

Practical guides - Practical guide to motorcycle trips in Europe - England: the land of differences!

With the opening of its borders, Europe offers a wide variety of landscapes to French bikers. However, if entering another country is easy, the rules of the road and driving may vary. To guide you, Site takes stock.

England: the land of differences !

The only destination in our selection to impose a sea crossing, England is also one of the most popular: its majestic buildings, as well as its impeccable and flowery gardens are always appreciated! Benefiting from an important motorcycle heritage, England is the cradle of mythical manufacturers (Norton, BSA, Triumph, etc.) and of pilots who are no less (Barry Sheene, Mike Hailwood, Carl Fogarty, James Toseland, etc.) The English countryside is pleasant for motorbikes, especially the seashores with magnificent views. However, beware of random or even slippery surfaces, "lunatic" weather, and especially left-hand driving !

Besides his stubbornness in not wanting to adopt the Euro – the British currency is the Pound Sterling Great British Pound (GBP) and its symbol is £ -, the particularity of traffic in the kingdom of Elizabeth II is of course left-hand driving! Overtaking is therefore carried out on the right and roundabouts are approached in the direction of clockwise! A habit that is not easy to pick up at first and requires a minimum of concentration, especially during the first strolls out of the highway, at intersections and after a long break. Be extremely suspicious: our habits tend to quickly take over !

To remember

  • Distances and speeds in miles (1 mile = 1.609 km)

  • 30 miles in urban areas (48 km / h), 60 miles outside (97 km / h) and 70 miles on highways (113 km / h)

  • Free highways (except M6)

  • Currency: pound sterling (1 pound is approximately equal to € 1.32), no commission if the change is made at the London tourist office

  • Emergency number: 999 (whatever the phone)

  • Helmet compulsory

  • Left-hand drive: vigilance !
  • The speed limits there are more or less similar to ours (see box "Remember"). Using the phone while driving is not only prohibited, but severely punishable by law in the event of personal injury. Hands-free and Bluetooth kits are authorized. The authorized blood alcohol level is 0.8g / l, which is not necessarily a habit to take, especially on two-wheelers! Prefer walking and public transport to discover the city center of London: a congestion tax of 8 pounds per day (11.63 €) is required at the entrance !

    Finally, depending on the date chosen for this trip, competition aficionados will absolutely have to go through the Donington Park circuit where the Speed ​​Grand Prix and the Superbike World Championship are held..

    Alexandre BARDIN – Photos DR

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