Practical guides – Practical guide to motorcycle trips in Europe – Switzerland, naturally!

Practical guide to motorcycle travel in Europe

Practical guides - Practical guide to motorcycle trips in Europe - Switzerland, naturally!

With the opening of its borders, Europe offers a wide variety of landscapes to French bikers. However, if entering another country is easy, the rules of the road and driving may vary. To guide you, Site takes stock.

Switzerland, naturally !

Second exception of this European guide: the country of bankers-peasants-chocolate makers! If England is the only country in our selection to require a sea crossing, Switzerland stands out because of its non-membership of the European Union (700 years of neutrality obliges!). But its proximity and direct access from the Alps or the Jura make it a very relevant choice for two-wheelers! What’s more, nearly 20% of the population speaks French, which facilitates contacts and directions. !

To remember

  • Speed ​​limits: 50 km / h in built-up areas, 80 km / h outside, 100 km / h on four lanes and 120 km / h on motorways

  • Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF). 1 CHF equals approximately 0.65 €

  • Emergency numbers: 117 (police), 118 (fire department)

  • Helmet compulsory

  • Conciliatory, Switzerland allows a border crossing with a valid identity card. Euro is accepted in many stores. Pay attention to the specific sticker for highways
  • Spanning three main natural regions (the Swiss Alps, the hilly Swiss Plateau stretching from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva and the Swiss Jura), the friendly country of GP 250 driver Thomas Luthi has 41,293 km2 of landscapes to discover . Motorcycling is significant there and its dynamic market, both the reliefs (three peaks above 4,500 m!) And the perfectly maintained roads are suitable for motorcycling. !

    Driving does not pose any particular concern and only the speeds are revised downwards compared to France (read "To remember"). Country of (financial?) Tranquility, the nation represented by the city of Bern requires you to turn off your engine at red lights in certain areas. Another peculiarity: traffic on motorways requires the purchase – in Swiss francs – of a specific sticker. Finally, the 2007 MotoGP world champion, Casey Stoner, has recently taken up residence among the Helvetians. So do not insist too much if a Ducati pulls you out of a corner. !

    Alexandre BARDIN – Photos DR

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