Practical test: clothing and accessories for touring riders

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Practical test: clothing and accessories for touring riders


Station wagons, jackets & pants

Practical test: clothing and accessories for touring riders

Practical test: clothing and accessories for touring riders
Suitable for touring

MOTORRAD has tested and rated current, partly brand new accessories as well as clothing and equipment for touring riders in practice.


They are the kilometer eater of our species. From head to toe with pra-
Provided with appropriate driver equipment, the real touring rider can neither frighten rain nor cold. They also give their motorcycles practical accessories to increase their suitability for everyday use. MOTORRAD has selected products that seem sensible from many areas and put them through their paces in daily use or on test drives. Various motorcycles from the editorial team’s long-term test fleet were used as vehicles. The following pages reflect those of MOTORRAD employees and
-Editors reflected the experience gained over many thousands of kilometers.

Textile suit “ProTech” by Rukka (practical test) – textile suit

The latest suit from Rukka, phone 040/5511055, is called ProTech. The jacket costs 549 euros, the trousers 399 euros, both with a Gore-Tex membrane. In a one-week practical test over hundreds of kilometers on various motorcycles, it turned out to be
the suit as completely waterproof and completely flutter-free even at high speeds. This is ensured by width adjustments on the upper and lower arms. The well-made, robust ProTech is very comfortable to wear. There is only slight criticism for the leg ends, which cannot be opened far enough
and therefore only fit over thick boots with difficulty. In addition, one of the as
Outside jacket pockets advertised as waterproof, some moisture when driving in the rain. The inside pockets stayed dry. Thanks to the thermal lining (removable if necessary) and a high-closing, pleasantly soft collar with a neoprene finish, the suit is also suitable for cool outside temperatures. The connection between
The jacket and pants are long enough to prevent unpleasant drafts
as well as the jacket sliding up while driving.

SW-Motech, phone 06425/820280, has a main stand for the Kawasaki Z 1000
developed. MOTORRAD got the part, which cost 139 euros, and fitted it to the
Endurance test-Kawasaki. The cultivation is not for the occasional screwdriver, which is not only on
the extremely poor and incomplete instructions, but also the complicated
Structure and the cramped conditions. Hats off that SW-Motech even managed to accommodate brackets and stands here. Unfortunately, jacking up is unsatisfactory in several ways. First of all, the very short stand boom is only with ingenious foot acrobatics and not without
To achieve chain fat traces on the shin. Jacking up itself requires a lot of strength despite the supplied handle for the passenger peg. The lean angle
when driving is sufficient for home use, as the stand is very narrow. The ground clearance, on the other hand, shrinks by around three centimeters.

Headset Bikeman Neckmike – Internet candidate

So far, the Bikeman Neckmike headset is available from a Swedish manufacturer for 144 euros only. The address: The set consisting of a larynx microphone and headphones is ideal for anyone who wants to make phone calls on the motorcycle. Adapters for connection to the various cell phone models cost 14 euros extra.
In practice, communication worked without any problems up to over 180 km / h. Only at speeds of around 140 km / h or more will the conversation partner notice that there is a phone call from the motorcycle based on the slightest background noise. The biker doesn’t have to yell to be understood. On the contrary: the larynx microphone acknowledges loud speaking or even shouting with less clear transmission. The correct fit of the headphones is very important in order to understand the other end of the conversation. The speakers are integrated in earplugs. If they are not seated exactly in the ear canal, the volume is extremely reduced. Therefore, it is best to make a short test call after putting on the helmet. If the microphone and listener are placed correctly, the Neckmike shines with great sound quality. Small downer: putting on and taking off the helmet can be quite painful due to the angular earpiece.

With a creeping flat foot or
a sudden loss of pressure in the tire is not to be trifled with. However, the problem is often recognized far too late. With the SmarTire tire pressure monitoring system, which is only suitable for tubeless tires, for 229 euros from Seehase, phone 02161/492880, the driver is warned in good time via a display. MOTORRAD equipped a Ducati 999 with the necessary sensors (see photo) as well as the display instrument, the size of a wooden box, mounted in the cockpit, and covered more than 2000 kilometers with it. The most difficult thing to do is to assemble and disassemble the tires, as the sensors are relatively bulky and their mounts can break if they are not installed carefully. Positive: the execution-
clear operating instructions as well as the clear indication of the display, which is connected to the ignition. During the practical test, the transmission and display of the pressure conditions in the front and rear tires worked reliably at all times.

Laser Cat from Profi Products – check chain alignment with laser technology

Laser Cat is the name of the measuring instrument from Profi Products, phone 06307/4031, for 64.90 euros, with which the exact chain alignment can be checked. MOTORRAD used the little helper for several months in the editorial workshop. The point laser is activated by slide switch, then the laser cat is placed on the chain wheel and slightly rotated in order to follow the course of the light point – which can be seen very clearly – on the chain. Flat chainrings for attaching the measuring device are required for use.

Retrofit sun visor – accessory for Nolan full-face helmets

Helmet manufacturer Nolan, telephone 07159/93160, is now offering retrofittable sun protection for the models N 42, N 83 and N 101 (photo) as well as for the X-lite X-1002 for 29.90 euros. The so-called VPS system is simply attached to the series visor and can be folded up separately when not in use.

The part is assembled in less than a minute. In the course of the driving tests, it proved to be absolutely stable up to over 200 km / h – both when it was folded up and down. Even turning the head at high speeds could not harm the VPS additional visor – it remained in the set position. The tint and thus the glare protection are exemplary
The processed additional lens is very pleasant in backlight or when the sun is low. If dirt has accumulated between the original and additional visor when driving in the rain, the cover should be removed for cleaning.

Driving suit

At 199.95 euros for the jacket and 149.95 euros for the trousers, the Touring counts-
Extreme from Polo, phone 0211/9796699, for the middle price segment for driving suits. The trousers are available in sizes M to XXL, the jacket even up to
XXXL. During the multi-week practical test, the two-piece suit impressed with its absolute waterproofness when driving in the rain and the good workmanship
and its neat fit. In addition, thanks to (-
removable) thermal lining is still pleasantly warm up to around five degrees Celsius.
The many pockets are very practical. The breast pockets even defy violent
Rain, but not the lower outer pockets? sensitive things like
Cell phone and wallet shouldn’t be stowed in it. Despite numerous ventilation zips in the arm, chest and thigh area, the cooling effect was barely noticeable for the testers. In addition, he cannot convince
Connection zipper between jacket and pants that fails too short. That
not only allows wind or drafts to pass under the jacket
crawl, but is also a safety deficit in the event of a fall.

Many owners of undisguised motorcycles complain afterwards of a lack of wind protection, including drivers of the Kawasaki Z 1000. Fortunately, some accessory retrofitters offer higher windscreens with ABE, such as Givi, phone 0911/955100. The D 401S model is around 15 centimeters higher than the original screen and costs 70.60 euros. The conversion is done in barely two minutes. Thanks to the good wind protection ?? the entire upper body of the driver is relieved? Continuous travel speeds of more than 150 km / h are no longer a problem. The turbulences in the head area at least hold up
for people from 1.80 meters tall in
tolerable limits.

Classic case

State-of-the-art suitcases on classic motorcycles or young timers ?? for the Swabian company
Siebenrock, phone 07024/46880, unthinkable. That is why they are reviving the legendary Krauser cases with aluminum frames. The black pieces of luggage (price per pair: 319 euros) fit all pannier racks with an original BMW frame and, thanks to their slightly larger construction depth, can even accommodate a full-face helmet. MOTORRAD was able to convince itself of this during the test. The luggage system is very slim and did not affect the handling of the test motorcycle in the least. Handling with two locks and one holder per case cannot compete with modern systems, and the case is “only” splash-proof due to its design
and not 100 percent waterproof, but we liked the cleanly finished parts.

Winter gloves

Brand new in the Held range, phone 08321/66460, are the Ice Breaker winter gloves, which cost 79.95 euros and are made from a Cordura-cowhide mix. Over hundreds of kilometers, sometimes with temperatures around freezing point and snowfall, the finger cots were convincing across the board. you are
cozy and warm thanks to the wrist strap and Velcro fastener on the cuff
safe and firm and are completely waterproof. They stayed with rain showers
The driver’s hands were dry and the gloves also survived the ten-minute immersion test in the water bucket, thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane, completely unimpressed. In addition, the Ice Breaker shine with a good fit, impeccable workmanship and a practical visor wiper on the left index finger.

Tank pads from hs motorradteile – protection against scratches in the paintwork

One of the largest suppliers of tank pads is hs motorradteile, phone 0621/105200, in Mannheim. For the constantly changing long-term test fleet, MOTORRAD got some of the flexible carbon-look pads and tried them out. The “Spider” model shown for EUR 15.30, for example, adapts perfectly to difficult tank shapes such as that of the Kawasaki Z 1000 and impresses with its high adhesive force. If necessary, the pad can be removed again with practically no adhesive residue and used on another tank. The protection factor is also perfect: Unsightly scratches in the tank caused by zippers or hard buttons are a thing of the past. The surface of the pad proved to be extremely resistant to mechanical damage.

Nexx X10 Cafe Racer – full face helmet from Portugal

The importer of the Nexx helmets made in Portugal is the Motorradwelt company, phone 02871/2397730. The wide range of models includes the X10 Cafe Racer full-face helmet with a carbon / kevlar / fiberglass outer shell, which costs 189.90 euros. Its plus points in the practical test: the good, pressure point-free fit (the helmet lies evenly on the head all around), the tight guidance in the cheek area, which ensures a firm hold even at high speeds, and the impeccable aerodynamics. The Cafe Racer is very good in the wind, even when turning the head, the neck forces are low. In addition, the helmet is relatively quiet thanks to its clean lower end and the wind deflector on the chin. His non-fogging visor and the hooked switches for the already barely noticeable ventilation as well as the slightly restricted field of vision due to the high cheek pads attracted negative attention.

Touring boots Probiker Cruiser by Louis – inexpensive and comfortable

Waterproof motorcycle boots are one of the most important equipment for touring riders. Louis, phone 040/73419360, has the Probiker Cruiser model with Sympatex membrane in its range for 99.95 euros. Several MOTORRAD testers were on the road with the suede boots. The wearing behavior is very comfortable, as the cruisers are very soft and pleasantly warm even at low temperatures.

The flexible rubber sole is good for walking and offers enough grip on the footrests. The boots also scored very positively in the water resistance criterion: they were absolutely watertight both when driving in the rain and during the obligatory wet test in the bathtub.

There are deductions for the only satisfactory fit, the dirt-prone suede surface and the only moderate ankle protection.

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