Practice – Disappearance of the Honda CB1000R and Pan European, victims of Euro4 – Used HONDA

Disappearance of Honda CB1000R and Pan European, victims of Euro4

Practice - Disappearance of the Honda CB1000R and Pan European, victims of Euro4 - Used HONDA

Honda France confirms to Site the disappearance of two additional motorcycles from its catalog: the sporty roadster CB1000R and the iconic roadster ST1300 Pan-European, pushed towards the exit by the Euro4 standards.

The obligation to meet Euro4 standards since January 1, 2017 is pushing a considerable number of motorcycles and scooters out, most of the time for economic reasons: some models – with low sales volumes – would indeed require too much investment. to meet the latest European requirements.

The,,, (yes, the two Gex!), Are already on this long and almost painful list of motorcycles destined to disappear despite their historical heritage. Same story at Honda, whose programmed disappearance of Varadero 125, Deauville, CBF1000F, CBR600RR and SW-T600 is known to MNC – and its readers – since last summer.

  • MNC of July 19, 2016 :

Yet Honda France confirms that this "purge" carried out against a background of environmental standards also affects two other motorcycles: the and the emblematic, the first production motorcycle with traction control … Here again, this decision is due to the investment / unfavorable sales of these two models, the replacement of which was however hoped for. But Honda has decided: no new "Pan-Euro", nor a successor to its sporty roadster.

Practice - Disappearance of the Honda CB1000R and Pan European, victims of Euro4 - Used HONDA

, the CB1000R disappears after a – too – short career of barely ten years, leaving in its wake an unfinished aftertaste. This super manoeuvrable roadster with a polished design deserved an update: a few additional horses would have been enough to relaunch it against its "friends" and others. Too bad … all the more so with the withdrawal of the 600 Hornet, the Honda offer in terms of "punchy" roadsters is reduced to heartache: all that remains is the and, certainly very balanced but much less sporty.

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The withdrawal of the ST1300 Pan-European will undoubtedly be as disappointing, as MNC regularly receives requests to know when its replacement will arrive! Appeared in 1989 in 1100 cc then increased to 1300 cc in 2002, this fantastic road bike is the joy of many "always on the road" thanks to its brilliant balance and its V4 of flexibility and reliability..

Practice - Disappearance of the Honda CB1000R and Pan European, victims of Euro4 - Used HONDA

Admittedly, the "Pan Euro" had aged, its equipment and its design dated a little … as well as its movements at high speed (especially sensitive loaded and with high bubble) not always reassuring. But this does not prevent its disappearance from leaving a gaping hole in the Honda range, especially when we add that of the Deauville 700: the road offer of the winged coat of arms now only counts the VFR (and), the, the and its Bagger variant ! 

There will be a new Goldwing in 2018

Speaking of the "Gold", precisely, its replacement is also desired: gold, the flat 6-cylinder of the ultra-road preferred by motorcycle taxis does not satisfy Euro4 … In other words, the in its current form (Euro3) is doomed: would Honda dare to let this fantastic saga die out ?

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"No", assures us the French subsidiary: "there will be a new Gold in 2018. For the moment nothing is official, but we expect it in the course of next year". On the other hand, it is impossible to know more about this long-awaited redesign, whether on a technical or aesthetic level: an electric windshield and a DCT double-clutch transmission are at least expected by the "Wingers"…

In the meantime, Honda is taking advantage of the exemption granted to manufacturers to continue to sell its stocks of new Euro3 motorcycles still in concessions. Remember that the legislation allows 10% of the sales volume of a Euro3 model to be marketed until December 31, 2018, with a minimum quota of 100 units. This ratio is calculated from and . 

This is why Honda France built up Goldwing "reserves" at the end of last year in its network, by registering a large number of 2016 vintages: the winged crest can thus cope with demand while awaiting the replacement of the golden wing.

Concerning the Pan-European and the CB1000R, some stocks remain in concessions at advantageously reduced prices: € 15,599 for the Pan-Euro and € 10,899 for the CB1000R. Hurry, because Honda France is warning us these stocks only cover "a few months" of demand …

List of Honda Euro3 motorcycles being withdrawn

+ the maxi-scooter SW-T600

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