Presentation of new Kawasaki models


Presentation of new Kawasaki models

Presentation of new Kawasaki models

Evolutionary leaps

The styling of the new Kawasaki ZX-10R jumps back and forth between the model generations. And with the VN 2000 Classic, the new also follows the older traditions.

Often grandfathers and grandchildren are more similar than fathers and sons. In the case of the latest Kawasaki ZX-10R, it seems the same. While the 2006 and 2007 generation had moved away from the sporty, purist original model with round shapes, soft transitions and a full rear end, the 2008 ZX-10R is once again building on old virtues. Not only for optical reasons, but also in favor of efficient air flow, the new one has been clad more tightly and angularly. The turning back at the exhaust system is particularly striking. Like the first, the third ZX-10R also has a rear silencer on the right side; In the latest model, the necessary exhaust volume is created by a front silencer placed between the engine and the rear wheel.
The 1000cc four-cylinder was also revised on the intake side. Oval throttle valves enlarge the intake cross-section, two injection nozzles per cylinder are supposed to improve the mixture formation. In connection with the oval passage, the shape and routing of the inlet ducts had to be adapted. Spectacular leaps in performance are still not to be expected because the Kawasaki engines are among the most powerful in their class and the air for a street-legal 1000 with close to 180 hp is getting pretty thin.
The first sparse information about the chassis states that the handling of the motorcycle has improved, as has the feedback to the driver. How this progress is supposed to have been achieved is not yet revealed. In any case, a new swing arm is involved, which cannot deny a certain similarity to Suzuki GSX-R parts. Because Kawasaki experimented heavily with the installation position of the crankshaft on the MotoGP machine and one of the most important changes between the first and second ZX-10R was a higher crankshaft drive, it seems reasonable to assume that the 2008 model will continue to perfect this point has been. From what can be seen in the photos, the engineers did not completely reconfigure the engine as they did with the last model change, but changed its position in the frame, if at all. And after viewing the images, MOTORRAD is considering giving the chief designer a golden splint on the ribbon. For his loyalty to what is probably the ugliest securing device for the rear axle nut in modern motorcycle construction.
With the new one VIn the N 2000 Classic, the split pin is at least covered by the double-barreled exhaust system. In addition, the large cruiser is characterized by a differently designed lamp section. Instead of a large-area covered light unit, a simple round headlight in a tiny chrome pot is now used. And the paintwork is in monochrome black, the air filter cover is adorned with the engraved Classic lettering. Passengers can look forward to a thicker, padded bench. The first photos do not reveal any further changes.

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