Road safety – Motorcycle technical control: not before 2022, reminds the government! –

Motorcycle technical control: not before 2022, recalls the government !

Road safety - Motorcycle technical control: not before 2022, reminds the government! -

The senator of Moselle (57), Jean-Louis Masson, advocates the establishment of technical control to track down motorcycles "badly adjusted" or without exhaust generating environmental or noise pollution. Response from the executive: we’ll see that in 2022! Decryption.

The for motorcycles and scooters … Eternal sea serpent which resurfaces at the option of "electoral tides" despite its limited interest: remember that only "0.7%" of fatal motorcycle accidents are attributable to a technical factor according to , reference in the field with 921 studied accidents ! 

  • MNC of 2 December 2004 : What are the causes of motorcycle accidents ? 
  • MNC file :

Not surprising since bikers and scooter riders are generally aware of their vulnerability, and therefore rather attentive to the condition of their two-wheelers. The shorter overhaul interval for motorcycles compared to cars also requires more frequent visits to the workshop, i.e. as many checks of the condition of the vehicle and its wearing parts..

  • MNC of March 12, 2014 :

So many factual elements sufficient to postpone the technical control by decision of the European Parliament, despite the government’s attempts to force its way through to impose it during the resale of a two-wheeler. Not to mention the necessarily interested lobbying of specialized brands like Dekra ! 

Motorcycles don’t have a pot ? 

Yes, but voila: this situation irritates elected officials of all stripes, who dream of imposing technical control on two-wheelers to remedy, according to them, a form of inequality between owners of motorcycles and cars, but also to fight against environmental and noise pollution from certain neglected or deliberately outlawed devices.

Latest example: the official request filed by the Senator for Moselle who considers that "many motorcycles are the source of environmental pollution just as considerable" as cars, which are "subject to a very strict periodic technical control ".

Jean-Louis Masson (NI), also municipal councilor of Nouilly (57) and departmental councilor of the canton of Metz, supports his request by evoking the noise pollution produced by motorcycles "which no longer have an exhaust" and / or which emit "smoke emissions for motorcycles which are incorrectly adjusted".

Let’s quickly go over the fact that motorcycles and scooters are far from being the only vehicles exempt from technical control in France: this exemption also affects agricultural tractors and self-propelled vehicles, cars without a license, quads, most vintage vehicles. as well as "diplomatic or similar cars", as the institutional site informs.  !

Road safety - Motorcycle technical control: not before 2022, reminds the government! - 

In addition, the motorcycles without exhaust booed by the senator are extremely rare and this, for a simple reason: the hellish noise produced by a two-wheeler without silencer makes them just as unbearable to drive as they can be spotted from miles away. the police ! As for motorcycles "badly adjusted", the generalization of more and more specialized injection systems tends to limit the tinkering…. 

But never mind for this 73-year-old elected official who calls on the government to know "if this difference in treatment seems relevant to him in the face of environmental nuisances". For lack of response after two months, Jean-Louis Masson returned to the charge by being surprised at this "significant delay" and by asking "the reasons for such a deficiency", indicates the Official Journal of November 28, 2019…

Get around, there’s nothing to see before 2022 !

Six months later (!!), the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition provides its response, in the form of an indigestible reminder of the legislative framework: "Directive 2014/45 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on roadworthiness testing periodicals of motor vehicles and their trailers and repealing Directive 2009/40 / EC provides that L-category vehicles with cylinder capacity greater than 125 cc are subject to technical inspections from 1 January 2022, unless alternative safety measures roads have been put in place with regard to the relevant statistics ".

 Road safety - Motorcycle technical control: not before 2022, reminds the government! -

Understand: Europe will impose roadworthiness tests on two-wheelers on all its member states by 2022, with the exception of countries that can demonstrate significant progress in reducing accidents. However, as the legislator emphasizes, "the mortality of motorcyclists has fallen by 6%" according to the final report of road accidents 2018 produced by the Ministry of the Interior !

Once is not customary: the government takes the defense of motorcyclists and scooter riders to justify its end of inadmissibility to the attention of the senator, "although certain motorcycles are at the origin of environmental pollution", concedes the Ministry of ecological and solidarity transition.

However, beware of too hasty celebrations: the question of technical control is simply postponed until 2022, but not abandoned. The government thus warns that it will study "the possibility of setting up a technical control for these categories of vehicles as part of the transposition of Directive 2014/45 / EU".

In other words: the reprieve still runs for a year and a half, before all the leaders sing in unison a new plea in favor of motorcycle technical control. And MNC’s little finger whispers to him that the accident figures will then, as if by chance, be favorable to its implementation….

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