Road safety – Motorcyclists and scooter riders: take gloves on Sunday! –

Bikers and scooter riders: take gloves on Sunday !

Road safety - Bikers and scooter riders: take gloves on Sunday! -

A little reminder: the obligation to wear CE-approved motorcycle gloves comes into effect from this Sunday, November 20 for drivers and passengers of motorized two-wheelers. This new measure sanctioned by a fine of 68 € (!) And a withdrawal of one point (!!) also applies to mopeds (50 cc), quads and three and four-wheeled scooters such as MP3 and Quadro4.

"The day we can change hands, we can do without gloves", asserts Road Safety in its campaign to remind people of the importance of properly protecting your hands, a few days before the entry into force of the 2016 decree -1232 which makes it compulsory to wear gloves for drivers and passengers of motorcycles and scooters, from mopeds (50 cc) to large displacement, including quads and 4-wheeled scooters such as (reread) 

Offenders are liable to a fine of 68 €, reduced to 45 € if the payment is made within 15 days, but also to the withdrawal of a point on their driving license! At least the license holders, since mopeds only need the road safety certificate (BSR) to circulate in 50 cc…

Road safety - Bikers and scooter riders: take gloves on Sunday! -

Remember that according to the very comprehensive MAIDS report, wearing thick gloves reduces or prevents hand injuries in “95%” of cases for bikers and in “87%” of cases for mopeds. A common sense finding, however, not always followed in practice, in view of the number of drivers and passengers still traveling without gloves … This bad habit is observed especially in the city center, because on the major roads MNC only crosses very rarely bikers without gloves, including summer. "12% of users of motorized two-wheelers still drive without suitable gloves", for its part accounts for a TNS Sofres study relayed by Road Safety.

5 criteria and 2 resistance levels

Last important point: this new measure specifies that the gloves in question must comply with the "CE regulations relating to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)". These gloves must therefore successfully meet the five criteria assessed by the:

  1. Pull-out resistance
  2. Abrasion resistance
  3. Tear resistance
  4. Cut resistance
  5. Assessment of the maintenance system.

The resistance level of approved gloves is indicated by a number:

  • 1: light protection type light gloves made of lightly reinforced textile.
  • 2: gloves with a high protective capacity, thanks to resistant materials such as leather and multiple reinforcements, even rigid shells on the phalanges. 

Gloves CE-PPE approved are always provided with the label below, with CE mention and motorcycle logo. This pictogram now provides more details about the degree of certification of the gloves, as recalled by the French manufacturer Bering, all of whose gloves are CE-PPE approved..

Road safety - Bikers and scooter riders: take gloves on Sunday! -

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