Road safety – My bike is a life joins the fight of the FFMC and 40 million motorists –

My bike is a life joins the fight of the FFMC and 40 million motorists

Road safety - My bike is a life joins the fight of the FFMC and 40 million motorists -

After the common front of the actors of the motorized two-wheeler and the car against the 80 km / h, the bikers of the FFMC and the motorists of 40 million join the cyclists of My bike is a life. Objective: better defend their interests by advocating mutual respect and sharing the road.

In the aftermath of a report by Special Envoy in "everyone to the shelters, the urban guerrillas are at the end of the street!" -, the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) and 40 million motorists announce a merger with the association My bike is a life to "get things done" by advocating "mutual respect and sharing the road".

  • MNC special file :

Let us pass on the astonishing catastrophism of France2, far, very far from the rather peaceful daily reality observed by an observer – motorcyclist certainly, but in good faith! – alternately using the bicycle, motorbike or car to get around Paris, to take an interest in this new common front between bikers, motorists and cyclists.

Two-wheelers, with or without engine…

My bike is a life, created in June 2017 by Teodoro Bartuccio "following a series of tragic deaths of cyclists", lists several demands, some of which are close to those of bikers: inclusion of the bicycle in the development of roads, education cycling from an early age, integration of the bicycle during the car license for a better awareness of motorists to the specificities of cyclists, etc..

The association was known in particular by a happening of a thousand cyclists lying on the ground on the Place de la Bastille, to denounce the risks of insufficient consideration of the bicycle in traffic, especially urban.

"Gathering is better than opposing!", Underline the three associations in a joint statement: "all users combined, the traffic in particular city dwellers is more and more tense. In question, a cohabitation between users made more and more difficult by traffic jams experienced by motorists, and from which users of two-wheelers, motorized or not, try to escape. Sometimes even if it means ignoring the rules of good conduct, which means first of all respect for others, and also respect rules".

This situation is considered "unbearable by many, who are trying to provide their own answers to this problem", continue the three associations. "Result: we see both on so-called social networks and in the media more and more denunciations of each other … and vice versa!"

"Buzz, nothing but buzz"

"For what result? Buzz, nothing but buzz", deplore the activists bikers, motorists and cyclists who have therefore decided to work together to "get things done".

Convinced that "mutual respect and sharing of the road are the cornerstones of a positive evolution towards an understanding of the different road users", the three associations are working together to develop an "initial proclamation in favor of sharing the road and will continue to work in this direction, both internally and externally ".

Recall that the FFMC and 40 million motorists sit alongside other associations on the National Road Safety Council (CNSR), whose work for sharing the road "is struggling to find the echo they should deserve on the side. public authorities ", they regret.

"Together we are stronger and it is united that we will make things happen through information and education rather than by denouncing one another as we see in social networks or in the media, or that the sanction by the police which are insufficient to fulfill their mission ", conclude the three associations.


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