Road safety – Return of motorcycle technical control to the European Parliament –

Return of motorcycle technical control to the European Parliament

Road safety - Return of motorcycle technical control to the European Parliament -

Contrary to what had been decided a month ago (read MNC of May 2013: the Transport Commission excludes motorcycle technical control), the technical control lobbyists have managed to return the MEPs meeting yesterday in Strasbourg.

Contrary to what had been decided a month ago (read), the technical control lobbyists managed to return the European deputies meeting yesterday in Strasbourg.

"Consternation at FEMA HQ"

"Consternation at FEMA HQ last Thursday," said the FFMC, itself a member of this European Federation of Motorcycling Associations: "an amendment asking for the reinstatement of motorized two-wheelers in the Technical Control Directive (except for 50 cm3) is filed by, English liberal MP, quickly followed by identical amendments proposed by the Socialist and Green groups. Yet the reports adopted in the Transport Committee as in the Internal Market Committee, faced with the lack of evidence of its effectiveness, proposed to exclude Motorized two-wheelers of this measure. They also agreed to set up a three-year study to compare the evolution of accidents in countries with technical control and others "…

"The control centers want to create a new market"

However, it is clear that far from any democratic rule, the power of the lobbies in Brussels and Strasbourg is enough to make the law in Europe and rule over 27 Independent states democratic nations autonomous countries sovereign peoples provinces subject to the diktats of each other.

Even the French senators and the Socialists realized this, by officially pointing the finger at Dekra’s action with parliamentarians (read) and recalling that "behind this proposal are lobbies".

"Studies of questionable reliability"…

"The control centers and other commercial forces want to create a new market for themselves through the standardization of technical controls across the Union. For Dekra and others, this amounts to several billion euros", underlined yesterday the MEP Gilles Pargneaux, member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, while his colleague Bernadette Vergnaud, also a member of this committee, recalled that the Socialist Group in the European Parliament was "opposed to the introduction of a technical control for two-wheelers, which was clearly disproportionate".

"The Commission relied on studies of questionable reliability to propose a measure at a significant cost for motorcyclists", she regrets, considering that "the Commission should have carried out a real comparative impact study on the prior"…

Following the recommendation of the deputies (environmentalist, Belgium) and (socialist, Romania) and without waiting for the results of the study requested from the European Commission to judge the usefulness of this measure, the European deputies voted in plenary session for a motorcycle technical inspection from 2016, at the same frequency as for cars (every two years from the fourth year).

"The French, Dutch and Swedish deputies in particular, who had been mobilized by the motorcycle associations of their respective countries, voted as a whole against motorcycle technical control, but faced with the majority of countries which already have such regulatory measures, this was not enough ", jointly regret the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC), the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM) and the Collectif for the Defense of Green Leisure (Codever).

But "the game is not for all that lost for bikers and more generally for European citizens in the face of lobbying from the technical control industry", continue the three associations: "the European Council has already almost unanimously, adopted a position diametrically opposed to the path chosen by the European Parliament. The FFMC, the FFM and the Codever, who have spared no efforts during the past year, are already studying the better means of regaining the advantage and thank all the French MEPs who have joined their side against this unnecessary and costly measure ".

A "trilogue" will now continue between the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers of the European Union in order to find a way out of this dossier, referred to the Transport Committee for negotiation with the Presidency Lithuanian for a final adoption by the end of the year … To follow naturally closely on MNC: stay tuned !

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