Road safety – The Mutual wants to open the circuits –

The Mutual wants to open the circuits

Road safety - The Mutual wants to open the circuits -

To limit dangerous behavior on the road, AMDM proposes to open the circuits to bikers. Direction Carole, where the insurer invited some journalists to test the track in the company of Christophe Guyot, winner of the 24h of Le Mans.

The equation is simple: the more the bikers have the opportunity to let off steam on the track, the less they will be tempted to behave dangerous on the open road. At a time when motorized two-wheelers are clearly pointed out as the main culprits of road insecurity, the Mutual Insurance for Motorcyclists (AMDM) wants to facilitate access to existing infrastructure and promote the construction of new circuits, by mobilizing local communities via the Ministry of Youth and Sports. "Just see what’s going on at Le Castellet or in the Montee du Beausset, where some performance fans even go so far as to set a stopwatch on their machine.", deplores Patrick Jacquot, president of AMDM. There are 27 circuits in France, but their access conditions are often too restrictive, unlike the Carole circuit, in the Paris region, which has been open to the greatest number since its creation. A successful example of an alternative to repression, because in the event of failed braking, it is better to end up in a gravel pit than under a truck !

The Mutual therefore relied on the skills of pilot Christophe Guyot, team manager of GMT 94, winner of the 24 hours of Le Mans and vice-world endurance champion, to invite a few journalists to test the track in Carole. Despite the incessant rain, the bravest put on their leather to turn on Ducati 750 Ssie shod with Pirelli Super Corsa. Result: in the evening, when picking up their motorcycle, no one felt the need to turn the handle! "Why take risks, and especially for what sensations compared to what is feasible on the circuit ?", we wondered here or there. Christophe Guyot explains for his part that"the rider who discovers on the circuit the capital importance of always having hot tires to really attack, realizes quickly that it is impossible to reproduce the same angles on the road, with tires whose temperature cannot be known"."Opening the circuits to all bikers is a real necessity, continues Christophe. The vocation of the Carole Circuit is recognized today as a public service, but in 20 years no elected official in any region has sought to follow the example., he regrets. Only a few active and passionate motorcycle clubs try the experience when their budget allows it: last weekend, for example, 1000 motorcyclists went to ride on the Sequestre circuit at the invitation of the Albi club !".


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