Rokker Speedway: Tried out women’s motorcycle boots

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Rokker Speedway: Tried out women's motorcycle boots
Petra Wiesner.



Rokker Speedway: Tried out women’s motorcycle boots

Rokker Speedway
Tried women’s motorcycle boots

The Rokker Speedway wants to score with its impeccable workmanship. How does the chic women’s motorcycle boot fare in the first test?

Petra Wiesner

February 24, 2020

“Quality has its price!” Is the motto not only in a well-known TV and radio advertisement. In addition, everyone knows that the better the materials, the higher the proportion of manual labor and the less far east the production site – the more expensive the product.

Completely handcrafted

And that explains the price tag of the Rokker Speedway women’s boot: 459 euros is a proud sum, but the Swiss premium manufacturer combines high-quality, greased and waterproof cowhide with an oil-, non-slip and shock-absorbing Vibram sole and lets the boot completely in Manufacture by hand in Portugal. The result is a very sturdy motorcycle boot that weighs 700 grams and is surprisingly comfortable despite toe and heel protection. For maximum comfort it has to be entered for a few hours, but then the 23 centimeter high boot fits perfectly on the foot.

It is absolutely suitable as a pillion boot, as a driver and on foot there are certain restrictions. The boot looks quite stiff when walking (at least initially), and the sole only allows you to roll over to a limited extent. On the motorcycle, depending on the design of the footrests, there are larger, smaller or even no problems: On some motorcycles, especially those with running boards, the foot can be placed on the seven centimeter high heel, on others the footrest must be in the middle wedged into the sole. This works well with narrow footrests, but not at all with wider ones (like the Gold Wing in the photo). That should be considered before buying.

Noticed positively: High quality material, great quality

Noticed negatively: Not usable with every motorcycle

Sizes: 36 to 42

Price: 459.00 euros

MOTORCYCLE Rating: 3.5 stars out of a possible 5


The very high quality material and the great quality of the Rokker Speedway were particularly impressive in the first test. At 459 euros, the women’s boot is not really a bargain.

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