Scooter – BMW C 600 Sport test: finally an opponent up to the Tmax? – The easy city

BMW C 600 Sport test: finally an opponent worthy of the Tmax ?

Scooter - BMW C 600 Sport test: finally an opponent up to the Tmax? - The easy city

Ambitious and loud, the very first BMW sports maxi scooter directly intends to overshadow the Yamaha Tmax, the darling of busy commuters. Does he really have the means? Site went to check it for you… First try !

The easy city

The fairly high and wide floor – due to the central twin cylinder – makes it necessary to ride the C 600 Sport as one does with a motorcycle. The saddle at 810 mm is located 10 mm higher than that of the Tmax, but it spreads the legs less.

In the end, a 1.80m driver touches his feet roughly flat on each side. The driving position is resolutely sporty, quite close to that of the Yamaha scooter, and the fairly low handlebars require you to lean your chest slightly forward..

Lifting the C 600 Sport off its crutch is fairly easy despite weighing around 249 kg in running order, thanks to a low center of gravity. A flick on the starter and the C 600 Sport snorts in a typical in-line twin-cylinder sound.

If you close your eyes, you would even take it for an ER-6n! We are far from the angry and pronounced sound of the Tmax … The ergonomics are good, the fingers grip the adjustable brake levers effortlessly and naturally find the turn signal or horn controls, as well as the headlight call button on the left stalk.

In town, the BMW C 600 Sport is quite surprising: its heavy weight is quickly forgotten while its ultra-short turning radius makes it easier to "weave" between cars. The exercise is made all the easier as the front axle, very neutral, is as light as it is precise..

Even at very low speed, the irreproachable stability means that you can only set foot on land at the last moment, if you really have to stop. Barely wider than the Tmax (+15 mm), the German maxiscooter plays with the traffic and its mirrors attached to the windshield pass over the majority of car mirrors.

The first motor sensations are not overwhelming. When stationary, if the vibrations are perfectly filtered by the two balancing pendulums, fire starts are rather timid due to a certain engine inertia.

The clutch slips a moment before propelling the beast with gusto, but without impressing too much despite the tidy power of 60 hp. The BMW pulls hard but in a linear way, without ever surprising its pilot.

Be careful, however: the generous torque of the twin (6.6 mkg at 6,000 rpm) quickly overcomes the excellent traction of the rear, if the surface is slippery and we are generous on the gas! The C 600 Sport will adapt perfectly to city use, without being as "canonical" as the Tmax at a red light..

Outside the city, the twin of the C 600 Sport convinces more frankly: the times at 120/140 km / h are rather vigorous and perhaps even better than on the Tmax … So many points to check during the next duel MNC between German novelty and Japanese star !

Due to the density of the traffic during this test carried out in Madrid (Spain), MNC did not have the possibility to test the maximum speed. We can however testify that the 170 km / h are quickly reached. At this speed, the protection offered by the apron and the windshield – even adjusted in the intermediate position – is very correct: a real "GT", this C600 Sport !

In the winding, the front end is irreproachable: its inverted 40 mm fork – a first for a maxiscooter – absorbs the braking on the angle and swallows the irregularities of the asphalt without flinching.

Safe and rather agile, the maxi sports scooter BMW is undoubtedly a less incisive suspicion than the Tmax in curves, but it could well take its revenge thanks to its royal stability and its excellent agreement of suspensions. Braking is in unison: powerful and enduring, it also offers a good feeling to the levers. And unlike the Yam ‘, ABS – not combined – is standard !

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