Scooter – New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! – Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

New 2021 Honda Forza 750 test: stronger than the Tmax ?!

Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

Honda is putting pressure on the Tmax with this new Forza 750 maxi-scooter, a relevant mix between the incomplete Integra and the adventurer of X-ADV cities. Is this important 2021 novelty "Forza" enough to finally challenge the insolent supremacy of the leader Yamaha ? Response and review in our MNC trial.

Forza 750 test Page 1: Honda reassembled at (T) max !

At the end of 2019, MNC discovered the new Tmax 560 … Celestial coincidence or simple weather whim, the Motorcycle Journal du Net gets "wet" again a year later to test its new rival: the new Forza 750 makes the soggy alleys of Montpellier (30) with its powerful and elegant LED lighting. To believe that the stars of maxi-scooters make the rain … but not the good weather ?!

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Advantage: these conditions put to the test certain essential aspects of this ambitious novelty (objective "2000 sales per year" for Honda France): its protection, its comfort and its user-friendliness in a hostile environment. Good pick: the new Forza 750 positively validates all these criteria, first of all forming an excellent rampart against bad weather for a 1.75 m pilot – and his passenger – thanks to its enveloping apron and its imposing windshield of 1,484 mm high (!) … strangely not adjustable.

This disappointing choice on a scooter at 11,649 euros has the double disadvantage of obstructing the field of vision of drivers of less than 1.70 m, especially in wet weather where raindrops and fog tend to accumulate. Conversely in summer, the temperature will rise behind this "veranda" because it cannot be lowered to allow fresh air to pass … And to say that this feature is included as standard on the Yamaha Tmax target but also on the "cousins" Forza 125 and 350 as well as the X-ADV !

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

And as this Forza 750 derives directly from the X-ADV (identical engine base and cycle part: see details in), MNC remains perplexed in the face of this shortcoming: it is even the only point that the novelty does not improve compared to the brilliant Honda "scoot-trail". Too bad, because all other aspects have been appropriately optimized to result in an attractive and balanced Sport-GT proposal.

Honda does "Forza" on equipment and comfort

Starting with the original equipment: "Smart-Key" keyless start, 1.2 l storage compartment sufficient to slip a large smartphone inside (keep in mind that it is not lockable!), Traction control, control of the engine brake, driving modes, opening of the trunk and the fuel flap via well-placed – but not very qualitative – push buttons, as well as a hold whose volume increases by one liter compared to the X-ADV ( see the list of practical aspects in).

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

This 22-liter space – illuminated and with USB-C plug but without carpet – closes on a modulable helmet of good size, as well as a few additional small items such as the yellow vest and mid-season gloves. A little better than the organ donor therefore, and incomparably superior to the Integra from which the X-ADV and Forza 750 are derived !

The Tmax however retains the advantage since it is able to accommodate a full face helmet and a jet for the benefit of duo trips. We must see the consequences of the compromises imposed by the particular architecture of the Honda scooter, typical "motorcycle". Inserted into a tubular frame common to the NC750S and X, its "big" 745 cc twin-cylinder with double clutch gearbox takes up more space than the Yamaha 562 cc twin, moreover associated with a classic variator less bulky than the DCT.

Another aspect to consider: the particularly dynamic lines of the shell of the Forza 750 give it a sporty motorcycle-inspired look, especially since it ends with a pointed LED light reminiscent of the CB1300 fire. But this pretty little c .. is necessarily limiting in terms of carrying capacity: it is not for nothing that the maxi competitors have "big buttocks" !

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

Advantage: the Honda scooter gains in accessibility thanks to its reasonable arch between the thighs. Well installed on his saddle at 790 mm, a 1.75 m rider easily touches the ground flat on each side without having his legs spread by bulky volumes as on many rivals – including the Yamaha. Appreciable for maneuvering at a standstill, especially since the Forza 750 is not a featherweight with its 235 kg (17 kg more than a Tmax) !

The opportunity to appreciate a properly padded seat: MNC completed two stages of approximately 110 km without any symptoms of Maloku-19. Well positioned, the lower back also appreciates the saddle backrest which forms a pleasant lumbar reinforcement. The rather flexible setting of the suspensions at the start of the race contributes to this pleasant general comfort … which could interest some Burgman owners ! 

The generous space on board allows you to comfortably stretch your legs obliquely towards the apron, while the feet can be wedged in the axis of the pelvis on the running boards widened by "50%" compared to the X- ADV. Only small downside: the tunnel widens in its lower part, forcing you to slightly spread your heels. But what progress in terms of "roominess" compared to the narrow Integra and the more limited X-ADV !

Last practical asset of the Forza 750, and not the least: its superb dashboard of 5 inches with color TFT matrices, which puts a nasty blow of old to the Tmax 560 and its instrumentation composed of needles and a monochrome LCD screen. MNC regretted its outdated appearance during its test last year: if the message may not have reached Yamaha, Honda on the contrary received it perfectly when developing its "Tmax-Killer" !

Total screen for anti-Tmax !

Readable, logically ordered and configurable at will, the Forza 750 dashboard is the new benchmark for maxi-scooters! This instrumentation also makes excellent use of colors (more than on the CBR1000RR-R, in particular), with for example the increments of the tachometer which change from green to orange then to yellow as the revolutions are taken. . Nice and practical !

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

Honda is also launching a new system for connecting to the telephone, "Honda Smartphone Voice Control system", which opens up access to the essential functions of a smartphone by voice: making or accepting a call or writing a text message does not require any physical contact with the phone, just a voice instruction. You can not stop progress ?

Le Journal moto du Net, not a fan of these dangerously distractive devices, on the other hand applauds the integration of GPS navigation on the right of the screen: showing the guidance indications only asks to state the destination. in the Google guidance application (development is underway on iOS). Useful, practical and pleasant: Honda performs flawlessly !

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

Enough to reinforce the quality cachet of the new Forza 750, which produces its small effect with its LED indicators integrated into its fairings, its good quality plastics, its aluminum swingarm and its flattering touches of polished metal on its running boards as well as on the its raised exhaust.

We could almost forgive him for not including the luggage rack as standard, yet essential on a scooter and which also serves as a support for the top-case, also optional. At this price point, grips – even a saddle – heated would not be luxury either….

Performance of a true sport-GT

On the engine side, the Forza 750 proudly displays 58.6 hp and 69 Nm, i.e. a gain of 3.8 hp and 1 Nm of torque respectively compared to the X-ADV. These high performances – for the category: the nominal output is only 78.5 hp per liter! – are the result of work on the admission and the start of the red zone raised to 7000 rpm (breaker at 7500 rpm). 

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

A little beefier, this engine has also been reduced by "1.4 kg" while meeting the new Euro5 standards: so many positive developments that will probably not fail to be installed on the next generations of NC750. Note that the Forza 750 is also bridle at 47.5 hp for A2 licenses at a price of "200 to 250 euros", indicates Honda France.

The sound delivered by the exhaust is more serious and rewarding than the slightly heady roar of a traditional scooter. The Forza 750 "sounds" like a motorcycle … which is not surprising given its technical base identical to the NC750S roadster and the NC750X trail. Making a scooter from a motorcycle: Honda pushes platform sharing to its climax !

As on the X-ADV, the block immediately asserts its quality of flexibility and torque, preferably expressed between 2500 and 6000 rpm where slight vibrations appear. The mechanics have a lot of going in this speed range, but its power distribution remains ultra-linear: it is a vigorous engine but not explosive, powerful but not very demonstrative..

Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

At 80 km / h in the last gear, the Forza 750 cruises without forcing at 2,500 rpm (3,000 rpm at 90 km / h) with enough reserve to overtake with a simple rotation of its electronic accelerator – moreover impeccably calibrated. Uphill raises or roundabout exits are promptly negotiated thanks to its high torque, which also ensures powerful starts at red lights. Sporty, the maxi Honda? Certainly !

Everything is perfectly supported by the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), which reaches new heights in this 12th generation (the first dates back to the late VFR1200 in 2009). The gear change is devilishly fast and surprisingly flexible, erasing virtually all bumps. And always with the possibility of up or down gear at any time, from the triggers on the left hand (that of the "+" is however too high because it is raised so as not to touch the brake lever). 

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

The progress of the device is remarkable in terms of timing of gear change. No more untimely downshifts on the angle when the throttle was cut too suddenly on a curve! The reduction of mechanical noise in the first reports is also appreciable, as is the almost instinctive reactivity of the system: in "Sport" mode, the DCT keeps the engine in the revs for a frankly spirited driving. ! 

Be careful not to overdo it on wet roads where the "Standard" mode will be more appropriate, because more protective from the point of view of traction control: in "Sport" mode, the traction control does not intervene in a preventive manner but allows on the contrary, slight drifts before regulating as if to whisper in your ear: "you see what would happen if I weren’t there ?!"

DCT: yes, but…

Despite all its qualities, the Dual Clutch System remains slightly behind compared to a "simple" variator. A "vario" like that of the Tmax offers more reactivity when starting, because always on the right speed thanks to the constant slip exerted on the belt. The acceleration gains in instantaneity and fluidity, since it does not have the slightest jerk associated with speed changes. 

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

Moreover, the use of the DCT imposes weight constraints (the device weighs 10 kg) and costs, in addition to being so far only coupled to a final transmission by chain. A chain on a scooter: admit it looks a bit messy! The resulting maintenance obligations are likely to put off more than one scooter rider, despite the appearance of so-called "indestructible" Regina chains..

In this regard, the double clutch presents precisely an enviable solidity: "not a single clutch disc has been changed on the 140,000 two-wheelers equipped with DCT to date", assures us Honda France which recognizes that the use of this widespread automotive technology also responds to a desire to display its know-how.

"No other manufacturer of two-wheelers uses this technology, which we have brought to a high degree of efficiency: it is a trademark", brags the French subsidiary when MNC evokes the questionable nature of the choice of DCT on a scooter. In short: the Forza 750 also serves as a showcase for the double clutch.

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

But the fact of being the only one to develop this technology does not necessarily give Honda reason: following your own path implies either being a brilliant pioneer, or stubbornly taking the wrong path … But on a scooter, the superiority of the DCT over a "vario" beast does not really jump to the helmet: the Honda device expresses its qualities more on road motorcycles like the Goldwing.

Why ? Because the first quality of a scooter is its ease of use: we climb on it, we turn the gas and we "blow" the caps! Having to choose between manual or automatic gear shifting before setting off, then selecting the appropriate responsiveness of the gearbox does not come within this framework: by forcing the line, you might as well buy a utility motorcycle for urban trips. !

Sport and comfort: the Forza 750 does not compromise !

The behavior of the Forza 750 turns out to be quite astounding, as on the X-ADV for the rest. The 17-inch front wheel (15 "behind for the space under the saddle) offers a lot of serenity to the steering gear: stability and frankness at the registration are there, failing however to match the devilish handling of the Tmax entirely in 15 inches.

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

This relative heaviness – logical counterpart of its "large" rim and its 17 kg extra compared to the large Yamaha scooter – is especially noticeable with the engine off and at low speed. The phenomenon then fades to give way to an amazing balance: Honda knows how to do it in terms of weight distribution, while its turning radius of "2.80 m" allows tight U-turns. Sufficient against Yamaha, appreciated for its playful side? Only an MNC duel will decide: stay connected !

On the other hand, one point appears in favor of the Honda: its excellent damping comfort, aided by its 120 mm of travel which favors the progressiveness of its rear suspension. The scooter is conciliatory on irregularities, while offering fine management of mass transfers. Comfortable and rigorous in short, which is far from being the case with all maxi-scooters !

Only the heavy braking highlights the setting a soft hair of the non-adjustable inverted fork, but it is here a case of heavy braking – which activate the flashers at high frequency to warn other users of the strong slowdown in progress. Well seen in terms of security.

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

The power of the Nissin 4-piston radial calipers favor these trapper braking, as does the imperturbable stability of the front axle riveted to the bitumen. The Forza 750 is imperial on the entries of curves, far from the fuzzy and sometimes waddling behavior of certain competitors. 

Endurance and dosage are also at the rendezvous with the right lever, while the rear facilitates slowing down but lacks a little consistency. In any case, ABS plays its role with discretion and efficiency, just like its alter ego responsible for managing the evasions from the rear: the finesse of the traction control is worthy of Honda’s sports motorcycles. !

Verdict: a maxi-scooter finally maxi-competitive

After having avoided the direct conflict for years with the Silwerwing and SWT more "GT", the manufacturer tokyoïte rises – finally – to the level necessary to worry the Tmax. The star of sports maxi-scooters will also have to face a double threat: this Forza 750 "frontally", but also the X-ADV version that Honda France also intends to sell at 2000 units per year. Or 4000 in all !

 Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

As for this brave Integra, he left the Honda catalog without drums or trumpets after a career as discreet as it was not very consistent (except for the first years). Amusing to note that the Forza 750 ultimately only improves all the aspects criticized by MNC on the Integra when it was released in 2012, then during its redesign in 2016: the novelty is sexier, more practical and more ergonomic !

But in the end, is this Forza 750 better than the Tmax 560? The answer can only come after a proper confrontation, but without a doubt the match will be close between the star Yamaha and this new (very well) -born Honda! And that’s good, because plural competition is beneficial in all areas, unlike a monopoly situation.

The occasion to note that Honda is currently seeking to debunk all the references in place: the new Africa Twin 1100 measuring rod equal to equal to the R1250 GS, while the CBR1000RR-R panics the Superbike category with its 218 hp. The Japanese giant is reviving an aggressiveness and a spirit of initiative that it lacked in recent years: who will complain ? 

Scooter - New Honda Forza 750 2021 test: stronger than the Tmax ?! - Test Forza 750 Page 1: Honda recovered to (T) max!

The Forza 750 – available mid-December 2020 in blue, red, gray or black – in any case has a lot of potential, barely tarnished by certain "details" which could be improved upon such as its non-adjustable screen, its still limited carrying capacity or its pure maneuverability in slight decline. MNC would especially have liked its price to be even lower to stop the crazy escalation in this segment…

At 11,649 euros, the new scooter is certainly very well placed compared to the reference: the Forza 750 is 350 euros less expensive than the Tmax, despite its superior performance and its rewarding technological content. A fine "cost" for the French subsidiary which weighed heavily on this project because of its strategic importance: France is the leading market for sports maxi-scooters.

But this price remains incredibly high and difficult to support, as we also regretted during our test of the last vintage of Tmax: at this rate, the maxi-scoot ‘will soon reach 15,000 euros! Not to mention the price of additional elements that they are sorely lacking from the original such as a luggage rack, a regulator (a precious tool to avoid flashes on the periphery) or heated grips.

Never happy at MNC? Possible… But for the record, a 999 cc Africa Twin was worth 12,999 euros when it was released, or only 1350 € more than this new Forza 750 five years later! Are we the only ones to wonder about this gap with regard to the difference in technology and versatility between the motorcycle and the scooter? Hope not !

  • Continuation of our Forza 750 test with our photos captioned MNC in

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