Scooters – New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters – Used HONDA

New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters

Scooters - New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters - Used HONDA

Honda is advancing its best-seller Forza 125 – the best-selling two-wheeler in France for all cylinders! – on the occasion of its transition to Euro5 standards, while the Forza 300 also improves and takes 51 cc to become Forza 350. Presentations.

Forza 125: more practical and Euro5

If the launch of the new – just – is the major event of the 2021 Honda range, the changes made to the rest of the family are also important. And for good reason: the benchmark since its release in 2015, beating the former leader every year – except during its first overhaul in 2018.

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Even stronger: with 6,751 registrations in 2019 (against 6,437 Xmax), the Honda scooter can claim to be the all-displacement motorcycle … The first motorcycle in the ranking – the – is however not far with its 6,368 registrations last year. Phew !

Suffice to say that this third generation of Forza 125 is expected to moccasins firm boots by urban users, who praise the Honda‘s efficiency and its high technological content: electric windshield (sorely absent on the Forza 750!), Smart-Key keyless start and engine cut-off system at red lights (Idling Stop) . Not to mention its "XXL" trunk which can store two full-face helmets.

Scooters - New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters - Used HONDA

Its fundamentals are renewed for 2021 with improvements relating in particular to the height of the windshield (+40 mm for more protection with 180 mm of travel in all). The obsolete 12V socket is finally replaced by a USB in the storage compartment, while traction control makes its appearance: Honda here takes over from Yamaha, which installed traction control on its last Xmax 125.

The engine evolves to meet Euro5: the single cylinder with single camshaft sees its internal dimensions become less "super square" (53.5 x 55.5 mm), to the theoretical advantage of torque at intermediate speeds. However, this decreases by 0.3 Nm (12.2 Nm) but landed almost 2000 rpm earlier (6500 rpm)! Power remains at the regulatory threshold of 11 kW (15 hp).

Low in fuel, generous in space

Autonomy – one of the strengths of the Forza 125 – is announced at only "2.34 l / 100 km", or more than 500 km of theoretical range with the filling of 11.5 liters. Forza! Note that the design evolves by small touches at the side panels, engine casings and swingarm.

Scooters - New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters - Used HONDA

MNC also detects a small gain in weight (161 kg against 159 in 2020) due to additional equipment and more substantial pollution control systems (Euro5). The steel frame is still connected to a 33 mm telescopic fork and adjustable preload combinations, all mounted on 120/70/15 and 140/70/14 tires..

Braking is entrusted to a single disc of 256 mm at the front (2-piston caliper) and 240 mm at the rear, managed by an ABS. Driven by a variator, the final transmission is operated by a belt – less restrictive than the chain of the Forza 750 – while the saddle height remains at 780 mm. Heated handles, luggage rack and top case (35 or 45 liters) are optional.

Scooters - New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters - Used HONDA

The new Forza 125 is available in gray, white, black, silver or red and will be guaranteed for five years. Contacted by MNC, Honda France is not yet able to give us its price, which should however "remain close to the current model (5199 euros, editor’s note)". This important novelty will arrive in concessions "at the end of December 2020", tells us the French subsidiary.

Forza 350: even more trunk (engine) !

The Forza 300 is dead, long live the Forza 350! Finally, the "Forza 330" one could write since the displacement of the single cylinder passes exactly from 279 cc to 330 cc, ie 51 additional cc. This rise provides more power (29.2 hp, or + 4 hp) and torque (31.5 Nm, or + 4.3 Nm).

Scooters - New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters - Used HONDA

Direct benefits: improved stimulus especially "above 3500 rpm", indicates Honda. The Japanese giant also announces a gain in top speed of the order of "8 km / h", with a Vmax now of "137 km / h" more comfortable on the motorway and / or in duo.

Note also the reduction of "10%" of the crankshaft and the increase in the injection body from 34 to 36 mm. The revised intake and the new silencer contribute to the transition to Euro5 standards for the engine, which retains the variator and belt as well as an adjustable anti-slip system. Honda announces a consumption of only "3.33 l / 100 km", or "about 340 km" with the fuel tank of 11.5 l.

Higher windshield and USB socket

Regarding the practical aspects, the Forza 350 receives the same evolutions as its "little brother" of 125 cc to which it is very close technically: the new electric windshield higher by 4 cm, as well as the USB socket in the storage compartment. By the way, the passenger handles lose "1407 gr" – anyway! – because now manufactured in plastic and no longer in aluminum. Less chic, but lighter !

Scooters - New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters - Used HONDA

The Forza 350 also renews its large space under its saddle – located at 780 mm – where two full-face helmets can easily be accommodated. Its Smart-Key keyless start is also still fitted as standard, while its turn signals light up at high frequency during hard braking..

The cycle part does not change on this new vintage, still equipped with a steel tube frame, a 33 mm fork and adjustable preload combined. Its rims receive 120/70/15 and 140/70/14 tires, while its 2-piston front caliper clamps a 256 mm disc: characteristics identical to the Forza 125.

Advertised at "184 kg", the Forza 350 also evolves slightly on a stylistic level with side panels in the shape of "Z" (like Zarco ?!) as on the new 125 cc. Its fully LED lighting confirms the dynamism of these lines.

Scooters - New Honda Forza 125 and Forza 350 (Euro5) scooters - Used HONDA

Like the 125 cc, this new 350 cc can optionally be fitted with a luggage rack that will serve as a support for its 45-liter top-case (connected to the smart-key), just like the heated grips. New in 2021: the Forza 350 can also receive the "Honda smartphone voice control" voice control system discovered on the .

The Forza 350 is available in black, blue, white or gray. It will be available "mid-January" indicates Honda France, which however cannot reveal its price to us: probable that its price will be situated a little above 6000 euros. Stay connected !

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