Second-hand advice Honda CBR 600 F (PC 31)

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Second-hand advice Honda CBR 600 F (PC 31)


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Second-hand advice Honda CBR 600 F (PC 31)

Second-hand advice Honda CBR 600 F (PC 31)
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Honda’s all-rounder CBR 600 F has sold over 40,000 times since 1987. Around a third of this is provided by the PC 31, which has been getting cheaper since the Kat version debuted.

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In Honda’s almost complete range of models, the CBR 600 F always doing the broadest balancing act. On the one hand, it had to feed the sporty clientele with a few more horsepower than the competition every few years – so it consequently increased from the former 85 hp to their 110 -, on the other hand, it should serve the tourers and all-rounders on the country road and in everyday operation. With five model changes since 1987 and a circulation of more than 40,000 units sold in this country, the model student in the 600 middle class seems to have mastered this task convincingly.
Honda sold more than 13,500 pieces of the PC 31 alone, which was on the market from 1995 to 1998. Since this model is the cheapest in terms of price-performance ratio, the focus of this second-hand advice is on the PC 31. Because after the introduction of the PC 35 with light metal chassis and injection, from 2001 also with a regulated catalytic converter, the previous model can only be resold with Price reductions can be realized and are therefore particularly attractive for buyers.
The driven copy, which the Limbacher company in Stuttgart-Echtderdingen had on offer, was first registered in 4/1998 and, at around 15,000 kilometers, should cost just under 10,000 marks. The external condition was okay, the first owner didn’t seem to have been a big cleaning freak. Rather a good sign, as experienced salespeople occasionally try to distract from hidden defects with their highly polished vehicles. The handlebar halves mounted above the upper triple clamp can be comfortably reached even for short-armed people without major contortions. However, the bench is a bit wide, so drivers should not measure significantly less than 1.70 meters in order to have safe foot contact with the ground.
All switches and levers are ergonomically in the right place, the machine looks like it has been specially tailored and tailored to the respective driver. Without a long period of getting used to it, the pilot moves the handy, agile machine as if he had never driven anything else. Especially since the four-cylinder immediately converts the movements of the throttle hand up to about 5000 rpm into a rather restrained forward movement. In order to increase the top vigorously and burn off fireworks at five-digit speeds that exceed the limits of legality at lightning speed in normal traffic.
With this in mind, the last gear of the six-speed gearbox is just 5000 rpm for the permitted 100 km / h on the country road. The front brake effectively decelerates with two fingers at the exact pressure point and the effective damping of the high-quality spring elements has no trouble keeping the 210 kilogram motorcycle almost comfortably under control at country road speeds. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the adjustment screws for the rebound and compression damping must be turned almost completely for tourist purposes. The mounted Bridgestone Battlax BT 56 tires also contribute to the convincingly easy cornering and completely neutral handling.
With so much light for the dynamic driving qualities and the successful compromise for both the travel and sporty clientele, where is the shadow? In terms of reliability and durability, the PC 31, like its predecessor, does not score any negative points. Those interested in the model between 1995 and 1998 should primarily focus on certain wearing parts. If the previous owner had a sporty driving style, new brake pads are due every 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers in front (comparison test in MOTORRAD 9/2000). Costs around 120 marks without installation, and the condition of the brake discs could also be a reason for a price reduction.
Frequent steam blasting of the machine can clog the wheel bearings to the point of death and make the plastic of the cladding parts brittle and fragile. The ball bearings of the steering head can also be damaged by heavy loads – not least due to high-spirited wheelies ?? make the straddles, recognizable by a slight click when steering movements, steering movements or braking maneuvers. We are not aware of defective timing chain tensioners, which were often a problem with previous models. Nevertheless, a clearly audible running noise of the camshaft drive should result in a quick visit to the workshop before a timing chain defect or worse threatens.
Although drivers of all ages on the Honda CBR 600 F usually feel at home straight away, in order to minimize wind pressure, they often swap the windshield for a spoiler or touring windshield from MRA, phone 0 76 63/93 89 0, for a price of around 160 marks.
During the construction period of the PC 31, the 100 hp agreement between industry and lawmakers was still in force, which Honda only had the model delivered in the 98 hp variant with low insurance costs. If you want to de-throttle the engine to the original output of 105 hp today, you only have to have additional intake manifolds (around 250 marks plus 1.5 hours of working time) installed by the dealer and not forget the entry in order to be prosecuted for insurance fraud.
With the right tires in a wide field? the tire that can do everything, lasts a long time and costs little ?? helps MOTORRAD 11 and 12/1997. Twelve pairings for touring and sports riders were tested.
With the successor model PC 35, which since this year with a regulated catalytic converter and exemplary pollutant values ​​can be considered an example of the future-oriented solution in the excited discussion about future limit values ​​and new taxation models, the resale value of the PC 31 has fallen. One man’s sorrow is another’s joy. Those interested in a used one should have a relatively large selection. At the beginning of the year there were offers with PC 31 with almost 10,000 kilometers, hardly more than 8,000 marks. But also copies with twice the mileage are ?? appropriate checks required ?? sure worth the money. Model students are reluctant to disappoint people who have cast a pleasant look at them.

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Second-hand advice Honda CBR 600 F (PC 31)

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Model boy

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Market overview

The Honda CBR 600 F has been around since 1987. Under the internal company abbreviation PC 19, it made lasting model history with 85 HP at the time and with 93 HP two years later. With the PC 25, in 1990, 100 hp were achieved, and the PC 31 came onto the market in 1995. Honda had sold around 13,500 of these by the beginning of 1999, the Schwacke list noted: year of construction 1991 (83,400 kilometers) 4,600 marks; 1993 (66,000) 5,400 marks; 1995 (49,800) 6600 marks; 1997 (33,000) 8,450 marks; 1999 (16,200) 10,400 marks. With the debut of the PC 35 model, which will finally be offered with a regulated catalytic converter from 2001, prices for the PC 31 began to slide. The Japanese competition of the 600 sports tourers: Kawasaki ZZ-R 600 at a relatively low price and the Yamaha YZF 600 Thundercat, whose homogeneous overall concept unfortunately fell behind with the appearance of the R6.

Reader experiences – Honda CBR 600 F

After 20,000 kilometers I sold my PC 31, built in 1997. It was annoying that Honda had lowered the price for the CBR 900 RR at this point and hit the PC 35 so much that I could only sell my 600s well below value. At 10,000 kilometers, the engine was de-throttled from 34 to 98 hp and the defective strut was replaced under warranty. The PC 31 was a good-natured, handy machine at a fair price.Antoni Hiristodulidis, Hamburg Up until now, the machine had only one defect on a total of 37,000 kilometers: oil leaked from the sender for the oil pressure light. Wear parts: front brake pads every 12,000 kilometers, rear every 25,000 kilometers; the chain kit lasted 28,000 kilometers; after the same mileage, the steering head bearing was replaced with tapered roller bearings due to a loud cracking noise. What I found stupid about the CBR: The nonsense paint job? now it is solid yellow. And the original sound is woefully boring.Roland Popp, Neuss After having reeled 30,000 kilometers with my PC 31 since 1998, I can say that it is one of the most balanced motorcycle models. With the CBR, neither a brisk pace on the home route nor a trip with pillion and enough luggage to the North Cape is a problem. So far, nothing has been done apart from changing the oil and brake linings. After converting from Bridgestone BT 56 to Pirelli Dragon, I have now found a tire that harmonizes well with the chassis. The Five-Star luggage rack is ideal for suitcases or aluminum boxes and a luggage roll. After installing a racing screen from MRA, I am also reasonably satisfied with the windshield. Walter Schwarzbeck, Mintraching

Technical data – Honda CBR 600 F

Honda CBR 600 F (PC 31) Technical dataMotorWater-cooled four-cylinder, four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder operated by bucket tappets, four Keihin constant pressure carburetors, 36 mm diameter, contactless transistor ignition, no exhaust gas cleaning, displacement 600 cm³, rated power 77/72 kW (105/98 PS), six-speed gearbox, electric starter, O-ring chain. Chassis bridge frame made of steel, telescopic fork, standpipe diameter 41 mm, with adjustable spring base and rebound damping, two-arm swing arm made of steel profiles, central spring strut with adjustable spring base, traction and compression damping, double disc brake with double piston calipers and floating brake discs at the front, 0 296 mm, rear disc brakes, 0 220 mm, light alloy castors, spring travel front / rear 130/110 mm. Dimensions and weightsSeat height 800 mmTank capacity / reserve 17/3 litersWeight fully fueled 210 kgService – Intervals every 6000 km Test values ​​Maximum speed solo / with pillion passenger 243/214 km / h acceleration Inclination 0-100 km / h solo / with pillion passenger 3.5 / 4.8 secConsumption 7 liters normal fuel 1144 Mark frame completely 2452 Mark panel: top shell 563 Markje side panel 288 Mark lower part 884 Mark disk 330 MarkVerschleibteileKettenkit 229 Mark brake pads, one set 105 MarkKupplungsreibscheiben, a set 194 Mark front brake disc 561 Mark air filter 61 Mark battery 141 Mark strengths and weaknesses strength Extraordinary allround properties reliable engine Big chassis reserve main stand weaknesses Many costly plastic parts Unfortunately resale value test in MOTORRAD1Test 26 / 1994Comparative test 1/1995Comparative test 7/1996Comparative test 2/1997Model Report 14/1997Comparative test 6/1998Footnotes: 1Te sts can be ordered from the publisher, phone see box on page xxx.

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