Sport – Team Moto-Net’s first race! –

First race of Team Moto-Net !

Sport - Team Moto-Net's first race! -

Team Moto-Net is preparing to start its first race this weekend in Ledenon for the first round of the 2004 Monos Challenge. After two days of free practice on a wet track, the morale of the drivers is low…. fluctuating !

Benoît "Benito" Lacoste and Pascal "Tchoub" Di Marco, the two "païlotes of ze yeure" of Team Moto-Net (read), admit having "no qualms" to steal the show this weekend from Valentino Rossi, who also races his first MotoGP on Yamaha…

One in Welkom, South Africa, on a route he knows by heart and the other two in Ledenon, Gard, on a circuit where they have never put the wheels: this weekend placed under the sign of the competition (first round of the World Sprint Championship and French Cup Promosport) promises to be rich in sporting emotions !

"Good, for the moment we are dragging ourselves along like soft endives", tempers Tchoub on the Moto-Net Mobile n ° 95 (Yamaha 660 SZR), very touched by the encouragement of: "it takes courage! is a crazy circuit! And it’s raining! "

"Yes but the two motorcycles are working well!", Ignites Benito, eternal optimist on the Moto-Net Mobile n ° 25 which has never been driven before (MuZ 660 Skorpion): "I changed my jets, it works Nickel! And Pascal is going to change his brake caliper. So far, nobody has pushed hard: it’s raining and apart from two or three rockets, everyone is a little afraid of driving on a wet track. a little Holiday on Ice here, but we’ll see what happens! "

Southern readers, register Eurosport instead and come and support us in Ledenon tomorrow (qualifying at 11:30 am and 6:00 pm) and Sunday (final at 4:15 pm, after the 1000 Promosport final and before the 250 and 600 finals) !


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