Sport – The Dream Cup 2005 is canceled … –

The Dream Cup 2005 is canceled…

Sport - The Dream Cup 2005 is canceled ... -

The speed race reserved for girls, reappeared last year after ten years of interruption of the Women’s Speed ​​Trophy, will finally not take place this year for lack of female fighters … The organizer explains himself..

Despite the success of the Dream Cup last year (read), the 2005 edition of this speed race reserved for girls will not take place for lack of female fighters….

"The number of registrants does not allow us to continue this adventure", regrets the organizer Daniel Sartor. To date, only eleven competitors have in fact sent their candidacy and "it is not realistic to think that the situation could develop favorably by the start of the competitions and make the project viable", he continues..

Launched by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the Dream Cup had nevertheless received the encouragement of pilots like Magalï Langlois, brilliant winner of the 2004 edition or Christophe Guyot, manager of the GMT 94 world endurance champion in 2004, not to mention the material support and financial partners such as Motul, Afam, Pirelli, Moto Box or Kris Moto Parts…

Moto-Net: Not too disappointed with the insufficient number of registrations ?
Daniel Sartor, organizer: Yes, I’m sad that it ends like this … But I think that, as always, the fault lies with the organizer because we did not know how to take into account the specificities of our "customers", to employ a marketer term.

Moto-Net: Was the Dream Cup too expensive for mainly amateur competitors ?
D. S .: Indeed, signals had been sent to us when the girls talked about the price. But we didn’t know how to see them…

Moto-Net: Wasn’t it premature to plan a six-event Cup in the second year ?
D. S .: Yes, I think we were too ambitious with six races, because for a competitor that’s six times the budget of a race. With only three or four races, the budget would have been reduced by as much, which would have favored the number of entries. We tried to make each race cheaper, when we should have limited the number of races. In short, we complicated where it was necessary to simplify … But I do not think that the choice of sports motorcycles or roadsters has anything to do with it, despite the debates that this has sparked off..

Moto-Net: Why not do a single race again this year at Carole like last year ?
D. S .: Based on this experience, it is not said that we will not organize a race this year. In terms of regulations, the FFM does not prohibit us from this possibility…

To be continued, hoping to find the Dream Cup competitors very soon in Carole. !

Interview by Eric MICHEL

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