Sporty – Honda CB650R and CBR650R improve with Euro5 – Used HONDA

Honda CB650R and CBR650R get better with Euro5

Sporty - Honda CB650R and CBR650R improve with Euro5 - Used HONDA

The CB650R roadster and its faired version CBR650R benefit from their compliance with Euro5 motorcycle standards to receive a new fork and a USB socket, as well as discreet cosmetic upgrades. Presentations.

Honda continues the discovery of its 2021 motorcycle range with its "Cebe" 650, after revealing the attractiveness and attractiveness of the standard Africa Twin 1100. The roadster and the – nice – sports car notably receive modifications to meet Euro5 standards.

  • MNC file : All about the CBR650R  

  • MNC file : All about the CB650R 
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These are not trivial since they include a re-programming of the electronic control unit, new cams, a different valve timing and alterations to the exhaust system (manifolds, catalyst and silencer). This compliance also involves the addition of an "additional angular sensor", specifies Honda.

Positive aspect: the performance of the vibrating 4-cylinder 649 cc does not suffer outrageously, since only the loss of a Newton-meter of torque is to be deplored (63 Nm instead of 64). Negative aspect: its 95.2 hp remain high perched (12,000 rpm), while the maximum torque is reached 1000 rpm later: 9,500 rpm against 8,500 previously !

 Sporty - Honda CB650R and CBR650R improve with Euro5 - Used HONDA

Already quite "sharp" compared to the, the CB650R and CBR650R push their useful range even further in the second part of the tachometer, which incidentally would be more readable thanks to "a modification of the angle of the diodes" as well as a change of the "display font", details the winged crest.

  • MNC duelHonda CB650R Vs Yamaha MT-07
  • MNC test : The new 2019 Honda CBR650R has no shortage of R !

In detail, we should note the welcome adoption of a USB socket under the saddle as well as subtle cosmetic retouching: the shape of the CBR650R’s optics has been revised, its shoe lengthened, while the design of the side covers of the two motorcycles evolves slightly. 

The rear mudguard – common to both models – also accommodates a steel plate support, and no longer nylon. So much the better for the perceived quality, which was criticized on certain points on the CB650R in view of its price and its elegant image..

New big piston fork

In terms of the cycle part, the perimeter steel frame is renewed in its excellent functions on these agile and rigorous motorcycles, respectively 202.5 kg and 208 kg. The only major change: the previous Showa inverted fork gives way to a more advanced version from the same supplier.

 Sporty - Honda CB650R and CBR650R improve with Euro5 - Used HONDA

Still 41 mm in diameter, it is distinguished by its larger diameter pistons: this "SFF-BP" fork (Separate Function Fork-Big Piston: separate functions and large pistons) would be superior in terms of shock absorption and of "feedback", all to the benefits of "control", assures the manufacturer.

Finally, the angle of the handlebars of the CB650R has been increased by three degrees in order to facilitate "U-turns and low-speed maneuvers", specifies Honda, which also offers A2 conversion kits on its two motorcycles. for new permits. 

Sporty - Honda CB650R and CBR650R improve with Euro5 - Used HONDA

The CB650R is available in gray, black, red and blue for 2021, while the CBR650R is available in black or red. The price of these two new products is not yet known, but a slight inflation is foreseeable compared to the 7,999 euros and 8,899 euros respectively requested when they are released in 2019. Stay tuned !

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