Sporty – Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours! – One more step towards the exclusive …

Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours !

Sporty - Suzuki GSX-R 1000: Gextraordinarily yours! - One more step towards the exclusive ...

In 2001, the arrival of the GSX-R 1000 set the hypersports category on fire! Slightly behind in the face of the technological advances of its rivals, the Gex has mobilized Suzuki’s full attention and is coming back as sharp as ever ! Road and track test !

One more step towards the exclusive…

This impression of total control is due to an intuitive connection between the accelerator and the engine, ideal for taking care of exits from a curve. Powerful braking is combined with that, but little biting at the start of the race, to spare the passenger during a two-man trip..

Under these conditions, the GSX-R is at its ease. Optionally, it is able to pull gently at 50 km / h in sixth gear at 2,000 rpm or, on the contrary, to offer its share of sensations to the crew, if by chance the pilot chooses to put the throttle in full in seconds at 3,500 revolutions! A side "two faces" that the machine cultivates since its appearance in 2001: flexible like a Bulgarian gymnast, the Suzuki block has lost none of its elasticity, nor of its ability to tape the buttocks to the bottom of the saddle !

Although restrained, our test machine was indeed blowing very hard and easily climbed to 14,000 rpm of the breaker on first gears, before the restraint cut its effects in third beyond 220 km / h, making it difficult to climb to 250 km / h in 4th gear…

The more pragmatic will console themselves with the excellent protection induced by a large and significantly higher bubble than the competition, but will castigate the pernicious vibrations that appear at mid-range and the damping drier than before..

More stress on the wrists, the rider suffers on bumps and this, despite the tremendous work of the Showa BPF fork: lighter than 720 gr, this novelty already stood out during our test of the 2009 ZX-6R ( read) due to its accuracy and the quality of the information delivered to the pilot.

Effective as hell, this 43 mm element is a pure treat when entering a curve on the brakes: the bike does not freeze for a single moment and only requires a simple press on the inner footrest to make it dive! The forward then does an extraordinary job, exudes enormous confidence and admits no inclination to steering.

The mono-shock absorber, on the other hand, is much less conciliatory: brilliant, as long as the asphalt is smooth like a baby’s skin, the rear loses its superb on bumps and in this case requires to hold the machine well with the thighs, before accelerating out of a bend.

Fortunately, this more assertive sensitivity cannot obscure the progress made: the front end is much more responsive to orders and fits precisely on the curve. Correcting its full-angle trajectory is much simpler: the owners of the old model will probably even be caught diving too soon with the rope, as the new one is infinitely sharper. !

Except that this beautiful liveliness comes at a price: the Gex has lost part of its comfort and puts more strain on the muscles and joints when the pavement deteriorates. In addition, if the chassis takes full advantage of its increased rigidity when the pace flirts with the unreasonable, its reactions on bumpy roads are all the more difficult to manage….

The phenomenon requires to break down its movements well while keeping in mind that the high torque of the engine is able to start "peeling" the Bridgestone BT-016 during muscular exits of curves !

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