SW Motech accessories Ducati 1260 Multistrada

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SW Motech accessories Ducati 1260 Multistrada
SW Motech


SW Motech accessories Ducati 1260 Multistrada

SW Motech accessories Ducati 1260 Multistrada
Fit for the big trip

Accessories provider SW Motech has put together an extensive accessories package for the new Ducati 1260 Multistrada. The add-on parts include comfort features and various luggage solutions.

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With the Ducati Multistrada 1260 their owners like to go on tour. To make the journey more comfortable and to be able to take plenty of luggage with you, SW Motech has developed numerous add-on parts for the V2 model in all variants.

Luggage solutions for tank and rear

The removable Pro side carrier system with Quick-Lock is available for transporting luggage at the rear of the Ducati Multistrada 1260. Without the adapter, the price is around 240 euros. This carrier system can be used with cases from Givi, Kappa, Hepco with the appropriate adapter & Becker, Krauser and Shad can be combined. Of course, SW-Motech bags also fit on the carrier.

SW Motech is asking around 940 euros for the Pro carrier system together with the Trax ADV aluminum case system, which has 45 liters of content per case. As an alternative, the Pro-System can also be supplemented with the Sys-Bag 30 bags, each with a capacity of 30 liters. Here the package price is around 570 euros. For luggage on the rear, SW Motech has the Street Rack luggage rack at a price of around 200 euros. A matching cargo nylon luggage roll with a capacity of 50 liters is in the price list for around 170 euros. Optionally, a top case can also be mounted here with the appropriate adapter. The range of luggage is rounded off with the tried and tested Evo tank ring for 30 euros, which can be combined with all common Evo tank bags.

More protection and more comfort

SW Motech accessories Ducati 1260 Multistrada

SW Motech

The Multistrada can be upgraded with various protective bars.

Additional attachments provide an extra dose of protection and safety. Black hand protectors, matching the original handlebar, cost 110 euros as a set. Steel crash bars are charged at 200 euros, water pump protection is available for 100 euros and crash pads for the front axle cost 65 euros. A side stand foot extension at a price of 45 euros ensures an even better stand. Anyone who prefers to rely on a main stand is there with an investment of 200 euros.

In order to optimize the ergonomic framework, SW Motech offers mirror extensions by 40 millimeters for 50 euros. An adjustable gear lever is available for 130 euros, new footrests cost another 130 euros and for 40 euros there is a handlebar riser of 30 millimeters.

The Multistrada range is rounded off by a vibration-damped, removable GPS holder on the handlebar for 60 euros.

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