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Ed Motorcycles Concept Z

Flat tracker with electric power

With the Concept Z in the style of a flat tracker, the Australians show how Ed Motorcycles imagine an electric motorcycle.

D.he approach of the team from Newcastle, New South Wales revolves around sheer acceleration and maximum driving pleasure. And because you don’t need a lot of motorcycle to have a lot of fun, the Concept Z is relatively rudimentary.

A little frame, a lot of drive and nothing else

The tubular steel frame relies on triangular braces in the upper area. The battery-motor package is integrated at the bottom. The tubular steel swing arm with upper cables is supported by a directly hinged central spring strut on the main frame under the dummy tank. The pivot point of the swing arm is exactly on the drive shaft of the electric motor, which eliminates the drive influences on the chassis. The air-cooled electric motor itself comes from Zero and provides 52 kW and 157 Nm. On the rear wheel, this becomes 850 Nm, which is served linearly by the electric motor without a gearbox and clutch. The developers do not provide any further information on the lithium-ion battery.

The front wheel is in a 43 mm telescopic fork of an old Yamaha R6. Speaking of wheels: 19-inch wire-spoke rims with coarse-tread Mitas tires in the dimensions 130/80 at the front and 140/80 at the rear are mounted at the front and rear. Disc brakes are used to decelerate. At the front, four-piston pliers bite into a 298 disc, and a 220 disc at the back. As on a bicycle, both brakes are controlled by hand levers.

Minimalistic design

In terms of design, the Concept Z is extremely reduced. A miniature alibi fender hovers over the front wheel. In front of the fork there is a suggested start number board with two integrated LED lights. The bench is little more than a line with a mini hump. The dummy tank, which bundles the entire electrical system, only sparsely fills the space in front of the driver. The pilot himself grips a high and wide handlebar in proper style.

The Concept Z is said to be one of the best sprinters in the world. Exact information is not given, but a two would have to be in front of the decimal point. The maximum speed is irrelevant, but is given as 150 km / h.

The Concept Z is still just a prototype. It is uncertain whether and if so when it will come. The question of the price is therefore also superfluous.


Just brute straight ahead is also an approach to driving fun. An electric motor with its seamless but powerful feed then also fits.

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