The motorcycle-friendly city 2018

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The motorcycle-friendly city 2018


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The motorcycle-friendly city 2018

The motorcycle-friendly city 2018
Lossburg municipality wins

As part of the Hambach Biker Festival, the municipality of Lobburg was named “The motorcycle-friendly city in Germany”. A total of eleven cities and municipalities now have this title.

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From August 3rd to 5th the Hambacher Bikerfest took place around the Hambacher Castle in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. “For road safety – against discrimination” was the motto for which many motorcyclists demonstrated again this weekend. Specifically, of course, it was about road closures that only apply to motorcyclists.

The motorcycle-friendly city 2018

MID / Herbert Pieper

Caption: From left to right: Hans Kaiser (MID), Jochen Gessler (Head of Building Department), Karin Armbruster (Head of Tourism), Christoph Enderle (Mayor of Lobburg), Rolf “Hilton” Frieling (MID).

According to the organizers, the highlight was the award ceremony for “The motorcycle-friendly city in Germany”. Lossburg got the prize. The small community from the Black Forest (Freudenstadt district) actively promotes motorcycle tourism by, for example, creating a flyer that lists the most important information for motorcyclists and also has “workshop addresses in case it comes to the worst”.

There is also a free booklet packed with tour suggestions including GPS data. Guided tours at the beginning and end of the season together with the mayor of Lossburg are also offered free of charge, motorcycle parking spaces with visor cleaning options and rooms for storing and drying motorcycle clothing are available.

Award ceremony as a positive signal

The two chairmen of the Motorrad Initiative Deutschland e.V (MID) Rolf Frieling and Hans Kaiser presented the certificate to Christoph Enderle, Mayor of the municipality of Lobburg, who had traveled to Hambach with a small delegation – on a motorcycle, of course. Those responsible at the MID emphasize that they do not only want to make demands on politicians and the authorities: “With our award ceremony, we want to send a positive signal and encourage people to imitate them, ”said Rolf Frieling.

The motorcycle-friendly city 2018


“Eleven cities and municipalities, from Eckernforde to Garmisch, now bear this title, which is unique in Europe to this day,” adds Kaiser. “In 2004, an authority, the Euskirchen branch of the state road construction company in North Rhine-Westphalia, was recognized as particularly motorcyclist-friendly. Among other things, the “Euskirchen underrun protection model” was developed there. In 2014 even an entire district, the Hoxter district, was awarded the prize. “

In the keynote lecture by Rolf Frieling, one of the topics was how to deal with high accident rates and possible solutions. Here he referred to that Leaflet to improve road safety on motorcycle routes (MVMot) the road builder whose development MID “was significantly involved”.

Finally, around 200 motorcycles, scooters and sidecars started the motorcycle demo through the Elmsteiner Valley, which is closed to motorcyclists at the weekend.

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