Top test Ducati 999, model 2005

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Top test Ducati 999, model 2005


Super athlete

Top test Ducati 999, model 2005

Top test Ducati 999, model 2005
Be careful

At first glance, the new Ducati 999 is the well-known ?? and unloved by many Ducati fans ?? Stayed true to the line. However, a comparison with the previous model reveals a major leap in evolution.

Guido Stuesser


the Ducati 999, born in 2005, is in the MOTORRAD underground car park. The editors take a look at them in passing. Sure, you know a 999, a Monoposto with a light aluminum rear frame, nothing special. And go on. No more wildly arguing crowds of people like the one that had besieged the first 999 two years ago. You really do your successor an injustice by ignoring this. Even if the lines of designer Pierre Terblanche remained largely untouched, the new one deserves more than a cursory glance because of the many detail changes and the thorough revision under the plastic dress.
These changes become noticeable when old and new are next to each other. The 2005 model works straight away
much more modern and homogeneous. The Ver-
clothing is due to the elimination of some
The beading has become smoother overall, the windshield has a higher arch, and the fender extends further
Direction axis. And by the black one
The 999 sprayed paint on the rims, rear frame and the rear silencer in connection with the quick-release fasteners on the fairing as well as due to the
more generously dimensioned swingarm, now more racing spirit.
When comparing the models jumps
the spark over, the curiosity grows, how much more racing and performance there is in the new 999. The sun is shining, ideal conditions for going on tour with the Ducs on one of the last beautiful autumn days. A bit of paint and a smooth look don’t make any other motorcycle, but the higher fairing offers two other advantages in addition to better wind protection and the more pleasing design, which are noticeable and visible after the first few meters. On the one hand, the 999 is easier to maneuver, because when the handlebars are fully turned, the forearms no longer hit the mirrors. On the other hand, the rear-view mirrors now at least partially deserve their name. If you could only admire the old woman’s forearms, the offer
The mirror of the successor that is further apart, at least half free consideration.
This half is enough on the Autobahn to impressively experience the modifications that have taken place in the heart of the Testastretta engine. If the gears are turned out at 10500 rpm until the shift light comes on, the
Quickly mirror the old 999 smaller and smaller until it has completely disappeared. For the brutal thrust that doesn’t give the predecessor the slightest chance, new camshafts, the longer valve lift and
allow longer tax times. Nominally, Ducati promises a full 16 hp more power with 140 hp and five km / h more top speed at 270 km / h. What happens on the Autobahn when comparing it with the old 999
is confirmed later by the test bench with measured 137 hp on the clutch. Thanks to the improved aerodynamics, that’s enough for 280 on the speedometer, which then refuses to work and only shows a few lines. A kind of voluntary self-restraint on the part of Ducati, whereby the forward thrust continues even without a display.
Though engineers admit, the higher peak performance gained at the expense of mid-range performance
having, this is not noticeable negatively. Even if the power is at
5000 revs very unspectacular
appears, there can be no question of a performance gap. On the contrary: in the torque measurement in sixth gear, the 2005-999 is even two tenths of a second ahead of the previous model. In the sprint from 0 to 200 km / h, it takes her
even four tenths off.
Get off the freeway, get up
the Swabian Alb. Golden yellow forests and mild temperatures create the perfect framework for the
To feel Italian women on the tooth on the varied terrain. It quickly becomes clear that the more massive swing arm of the new model is more aesthetic than functional. But you don’t have to be disappointed
Just like the old one, the new landing gear works perfectly. Especially on well-developed roads with long ones
Curves inspire both 999 with their stable and precise driving behavior. Nothing seems to be able to dissuade them from the course they have chosen. Crystal-clear feedback also creates tremendous trust. Every small bump is reported to the pilot with the following sentence: No problem, I’ll iron it out smoothly.
The subjective impressions are confirmed by the slalom times and speeds, which are determined one day later on the top test course. Although the old one is still on the Michelin
Pilot Sport (front in D specification) is rolling and the new one already carries the successor Pilot Power on its rims, both chassis present themselves with the same
Performance. The Ducs’ favorite discipline is the fast slalom. With a time of
For 20 seconds and a speed of 113.1 km / h they move in the top group of 1000 super athletes. It would probably be even faster if the 5.5-inch rear wheel rims were fitted with handy 180-inch rear tires instead of the extra-wide 190s, which would certainly also have a positive effect on country roads, especially in hairpin bends.
But the 999 pulls so cleanly through the tight bends of the test track, which is more due to the engine characteristics and the braking system. Even hard braking maneuvers can be pulled to the apex with the finely adjustable Brembo system ?? In connection with the stable driving behavior, the top test measurement results in an average deceleration of 10.1 m / s2. A peak value. For comparison: A Yamaha R1 comes to a stop two meters later at 9.6 m / s2 from 100 km / h.
When the apex is reached, take care
the soft onset two-cylinder for
a smooth transition from decelerating to accelerating. The engine, accompanied by a slight jerk in the lower rev range, cleanly accelerates from 2000 rpm and gently pulls the 999,
but emphatically out of the curve,
whereby the old engine is in no way inferior to the new one.
Common points of criticism remain the somewhat stiff clutch and the rear brake, which requires a lot of power and is therefore difficult to adjust. On the other hand, with little pressure and precisely, the gears can be changed. That
applies to the previous model even after 30,000 kilometers, as the MOTORRAD endurance test 999 from 2003 proves.
After 100 kilometers of highway robbers, the super athletes confirm that performance is not a sin. The V-Twins only consume 5.5 liters of premium petrol.
In view of the nominal 124 and 140 hp, this is a very acceptable value. The whether
of the small tank, however, put into perspective. at
With a tank capacity of 15.5 liters, the theoretical range of 282 kilometers is not that great.
Back in the editorial underground car park, the tester’s attitude towards
new 999 fundamentally changed. Anyone who does not treat a 2005-999 with due respect in the form of a second look and a test drive will punish themselves. They miss the encounter with one of the most potent and cultivated two-cylinder units, a stable chassis that shines with high steering precision. Will never get to know the pleasure of this extraordinary motorcycle.
Recognition to the Ducati makers who had the courage to stick to the controversial design and the 999 still so
have improved that no longer just
the technology, but also the exterior is convincing. Despite extensive facelifts, higher performance and better workmanship, the price is unchanged at 16,790 euros. If you really want to spend more money on a Ducati, you can do so with the 999 S, which costs 21,000 euros and is available under
among other things comes up with spring elements from Ohlins. The “simple” 999 version is also a lot of fun.

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Top test Ducati 999, model 2005

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Be careful

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Was there anything else? – Ducati 999 model 2005

Smaller turning circle
Extensive cockpit information included
Shift light
Better visibility in the rear-view mirrors
Quick-release fasteners on the fairing
Coupling requires a lot of hand strength
Footbrake takes a lot of power
and is difficult to dose
The rear heats up strongly
Suspension settings
Fork: rebound 6 clicks, compression 5 clicks,
Spring base 5 rings visible
Suspension strut: rebound 1 turn up,
Pressure stage 1 turn up,
Spring base 5 threads visible
Defects in the test
Ignition lock stiff

Scoring – Ducati 999 model 2005

Top speed drive
Response / load change behavior
Performance development
Gear ratio
Total translation
Chassis handiness
Stability in curves
Steering precision
Straight-line stability
Suspension setup solo
Driving behavior with a passenger
SAFETY Brake metering
Delay / actuation force
Braking with pillion passenger / fading
ABS / composite brake
Lean angle freedom
Ground clearance
Handlebar slap / shimmy
Braking stability
Righting moment when braking
High / low beam
Front / rear view
everyday equipment
Theoretical range
comfort seating comfort driver
Seating comfort pillion
Smooth running motor / drive
Cost / environmental guarantee
Consumption (country road)
Inspection costs
Maintenance costs
Exhaust gas values
Price-performance ratio
Overall rating

Scoring: Drive – Ducati 999 model 2005

The 2005 Testastretta is one of the most impressive two-cylinder engines that ever existed in a production motorcycle. Response and load change behavior were already in the old parade disciplines, in terms of power delivery the new one even increases, which gives it one point more. It’s a shame that the stiff clutch has remained.

Scoring: Chassis – Ducati 999 model 2005

Top class is and remains that
Landing gear. And although the new swing arm is more massive, that
impeccable driving behavior of the
The predecessor can do this on the
Country road and in the top test-
Do not surpass the course.

Scoring: Safety – Ducati 999 model 2005

The Brembo braking system, which is very effective and controllable, is only weak when it is wet. Then she responds with a slight delay. The higher and further apart mirrors provide a little more consideration. With the Michelin Pilot Power, the set-up torque is lower than with the Pirelli MTR 21/22 that have been installed so far. Therefore, the new one in this discipline receives one point more.

Scoring: everyday life

The 2005 model in the monoposto version gets top marks
in terms of the possible payload. The theoretical range
is limited by the small volume of the tank.

Scoring: Comfort – Ducati 999 model 2005

Comfortable ergonomics, though
With a heavy load on the wrists, but plenty of freedom of movement, both offer 999. The improved wind protection is rewarded with two additional points.

Scoring: costs / environment

The consumption of 5.5 liters on the country road is acceptable for a super sports car. The workmanship is also slowly approaching what you can expect from a motorcycle in this price range. This means a quantum leap in price-performance-
Relationship, however, by no means.

Conclusion – Ducati 999 model 2005

Courageous from Ducati, at the fierce
the criticized line by designer Pierre Terblanche. With much
The Italians have succeeded in loving detail, making the look of the 999 more pleasing
to make and their engine still-
times to strengthen. Hopefully it will now get the attention it deserves.

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