Traffic surveillance drones – bikers caught in the UK

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Traffic surveillance drones - bikers caught in the UK


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Traffic surveillance drones – bikers caught in the UK

Traffic surveillance drones
British police track bikers unmanned

In Great Britain, the police caught a young off-road driver after the chase with a drone. Drones are also being tested for traffic monitoring in Spain, France and Germany.

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The local police are now using drones to combat illegal use of off-road motorcycles in Lancashire, UK. The officers have already managed to identify a young person using a camera drone. Via the My Community Alert platform, they had received information that young motorcyclists were illegally driving in fields and in the forest. A driver escaped first. As the police announced on their Facebook page, the young man had committed various traffic offenses that could be detected using the video recordings of a drone.

Police drones are being tested across Europe

In the UK, a drone was used to specifically track a motorcyclist. Unmanned aerial traffic monitoring has been on the agenda across Europe for several years.

In Spain, for example, drones have been used on routes with an increased risk of accidents since August 1, 2019. If they record violations of the traffic regulations – such as overtaking in the right lane or the use of mobile phones by motorists – the offenses can be reported without the police even noticing. Similar tests are also carried out in France.

Traffic monitoring in Germany

The police in Germany are also experimenting with drones. In May 2019, a video from Bavarian Radio caused a sensation in which the police tested a video drone to monitor traffic on the Jochpass. Above all, the disregard of the no-overtaking ban in blind corners should be recorded so that it can be used in court. However, the drone crashed prematurely due to the downhill winds on the mountain.

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Traffic monitoring by drone is without a doubt an issue that will keep us busy in the future. The new way of documenting rule violations is primarily intended to increase road safety. Data protection activists will certainly still get involved in the discussion about traffic monitoring from the air.

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