Travels – Motorcycle book: Eric Massiet du Biest’s track code – HONDA occasions

Motorcycle book: Eric Massiet du Biest’s track code

Travels - Motorcycle book: Eric Massiet du Biest's track code - HONDA occasions

"The best way not to have problems is to avoid them", wisely advises Éric Massiet du Biest, on the strength of his enormous experience of motorcycle excursions. The boss of the travel agency T3 compiles all his good advice for serenity in maxitrail in a book of 148 pages: The code of the runway. 

Choosing a maxitrail to go on an adventure is one thing. But then it is still necessary to master it at a minimum on small steep paths and sandy tracks that make the apprentice backpacker dream! Éric Massiet du Biest, used to motorcycle raids all over the world, sets the course to follow in his new book "Le code de la piste".

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This book takes the form of a practical guide "intended for learning to pilot a maxitrail in any terrain", explains its author, who has accumulated no less than six round-the-world tours and "more than 100,000 km on the tracks from 90 countries "with its agency specializing in transcontinental excursions, T3.

The adventurer therefore has a perfect knowledge of the subject as well in terms of piloting, equipment, preparations or logistics. Already author of nine motorcycle books, including "", Éric Massiet du Biest compiles in his "Track Code" "methods and simple common sense advice to start and progress".

Learn to pass without breaking

"EMB" also shares the content of all the "allroad pilot training" developed for participants in its T3 courses and trips. Goal ? "Learn to pass without breaking", affirms the author who can be proud of having completed no less than "38 transcontinental trips". 

Voyages - Motorcycle book: Eric Massiet du Biest's track code - HONDA occasions

Illustrated by Maeva Bardy, the Track Code is intended to be both "fun, educational and pragmatic", believes Éric Massiet du Biest: his guide aims to instill the basics of "mastered endurance to enjoy your trips", and not to lead to a "sports performance". Paris-Dakar, okay, but no stopwatch !

The first edition benefits until September 12 from an introductory price of 9.50 euros (instead of 12.50 euros) on the. It will also be "soon available" in motorcycle dealerships, partner of this 148-page book.

The track code 

  • Author: Éric Massiet du Biest
  • Published by T3 Adventures Edition
  • 200 first copies signed by "EMB"
  • Format: 15 x 15 cm
  • Number of pages: 148
  • Price: 9.50 euros until September 12 (12.50 euros thereafter)

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