Tried Arai RX-7V Racing

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Tried Arai RX-7V Racing



Tried Arai RX-7V Racing

Tried Arai RX-7V Racing
Full face helmet for racing enthusiasts

Arai has been offering the RX-7V Racing as a new super sporty top model since August. MOTORRAD tried the full-face helmet on the racetrack.

Uwe Seitz

December 01, 2020

Anyone who feels reminded of MotoGP by the shape of the RX-7V Racing is right: Yamaha star Maverick Viñales uses the same, albeit with different decors. In Germany, however, the RX-7V Racing for end customers is only available in classic white. A colorful decor and other colors are to follow next year.

Special aero kit

The biggest technical difference to the well-known RX-7V is the so-called aero kit. It is included with the helmet and is attached by hand using adhesive tape on the back behind the permanently installed spoiler (air wing). Between the helmet and the racing hump on the leather suit, there should be less air turbulence and the aerodynamics should be more efficient, according to the manufacturer. The ventilation and fit of the FIM-certified racing helmet are unchanged. However, the RX-7V Racing lacks the pull-out chin guard in the lower front area of ​​the inside. Furthermore, the central ventilation opening on the top of the racing version has been redesigned.

Tried Arai RX-7V Racing

Uwe Seitz

In the RX-7V Racing, the upper air wing is rigid. The aero kit underneath is included and must be installed by yourself.

As is typical for Arai, the very comfortable fit of the helmet, the rock-solid visor mechanism and the overall top-quality workmanship were convincing. The helmet insulates ambient and driving noises well, but above all it lies noticeably calm in the wind. The higher the speed, the more pronounced this effect is. As a contact lens wearer, our tester cannot say much about the ventilation, as he is usually out and about with completely closed air inlets. In any case, unpleasant drafts do not penetrate the field of vision from any direction – neither from the front of the visor area nor from below the edge of the helmet.

Not a cheap offer

Weighing 1,606 grams, the racing version is around 50 grams lighter than the normal RX-7V. We can definitely recommend this helmet for race track use to all people with an Arai-compatible head. Compared to the RX-7V standard model, the improvements to the racing version, which is fully geared towards sports, are more of a fine-tuning, but in the plain white it costs 57 euros less than a current RX-7V with decoration.

Tried Arai RX-7V Racing

Uwe Seitz

On the plus side: excellent aerodynamics, comfortable fit and a holistic, finest workmanship.

The aero kits are also available individually. They cost 79 euros, are available in nine different colors and fit every RX-7V. The RX-7V Racing is available in sizes from XS to L. The price is 917 euros.

MOTORCYCLE check: 4.5 stars out of five

Plus: great aerodynamics, comfortable fit, high quality

Minus: high price


The Arai RX-7V Racing impresses with its excellent aerodynamics, comfortable fit and the finest overall processing quality. At over 900 euros, all of this has a handsome price.

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