Tried: Onboard camera Midland XTC-200

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Tried: Onboard camera Midland XTC-200


Tried: Onboard camera Midland XTC-200

Tried: Onboard camera
Midland XTC-200 with 720p HD

After the little sister, the Midland XTC-100, was presented very successfully in MOTORRAD 19/2010, the new Midland XTC-200 with an HD resolution of 720p from Alan Electronics is now available in stores.

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Test video: Midland XTC-200 (720p)

The housing of the XTC-200 is very compact with a size of 85.2 x 30.3 x 42.2 mm and corresponds exactly to the dimensions of the XTC-100. It has only gained a bit in weight, but is still sufficiently light with the stated 93 grams. The housing as well as the on and off switch are made of plastic, but make a very high quality and robust impression.

The operation of the camera is as easy as usual. The onboard cam manages with just one switch. The slide on the top of the camera is sufficiently large and therefore easy to use with gloves. Three small but clearly visible LEDs provide information about the battery, memory card and recording status. Two recording modes can be set using a small controller next to the USB port and SIM card: HD with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a refresh rate of 30 frames per second or SD with 640 x 480 pixels and 60fps.

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Thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery, the manufacturer specifies a battery life of around 3 hours for the Midland XTC-200. The 16: 9 video material is saved in MP4 format and compressed using the AVC and H.264 codecs. The camera accepts micro SD memory cards up to 32 GB in size.

The video itself is recorded at an angle of 140 degrees. Even if the XTC-200 doesn’t come close to the maximum shooting angle of a GoPro (170 degrees), it will probably be sufficient for most shots. It is noticeable that there is hardly any distortion of the image in the corners of the video.

Tried: Onboard camera Midland XTC-200


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Thanks to an integrated image stabilizer, the image appears pleasantly calm, and colors are displayed realistically. The aperture of the 200s regulates pleasantly softly, but needs some time to adjust to the new conditions in the case of strong fluctuations in the light conditions. Since experience has shown that the lower part of the image is darker (speedometer, paneling, asphalt …) and the upper part is very bright (sky, sun …) when taking pictures on a motorcycle, most cameras have problems with exposure control. Contrasts in very dark and very light areas are often not displayed perfectly, as is the case with the Midland.

The audio quality is good and the engine characteristics can also be heard while driving. If the wind noise is too strong, the manufacturer recommends covering the opening of the microphone with an adhesive strip.

The scope of delivery of the Midland XTC-200 action camera includes: handlebar mount for motorcycle or bicycle, helmet mount, bicycle helmet and ski goggle mount, USB cable and plug-in charger, car charger and Li-ion battery. The recommended retail price for the Midland XTC-200 is 199.90 euros.

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