Tried LS2 Alba: Extremely airy textile jacket

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Tried LS2 Alba: Extremely airy textile jacket
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Tried LS2 Alba: Extremely airy textile jacket

Tried LS2 Alba
Extremely airy textile jacket

Summer, sun, wind please! The Alba from LS2 is the ultimate air supplier – available as a men’s and women’s model. We show what it can do. And reveal a few quirks.

Mona Pekarek


Naked would be even more airy. The Alba clearly comes out as a pure summer jacket and, thanks to the large-area mesh, directs cool airstream unhindered to the body. If there were a points rating here, this model would get a full 100 for ventilation.

The airiness contributes significantly to the high level of comfort on warm days and is complemented by pleasant details such as the soft collar, well-fitting protectors on the shoulders and elbows and expanding zippers on the sleeves. These, like all the others in the jacket, run very well, are well dimensioned and therefore easy to use, and their two-tone design also enhances the look of the Alba.

Tried LS2 Alba: Extremely airy textile jacket

Tobias Beyl

While the zippers on the pockets (side and chest) snap into a kind of garage and thus neither flutter nor open, the sleeve fastener doesn’t really want to hold its position. To stick with the teeth a little longer: A trouser connection is integrated, the large zipper is covered at the bottom with overlapping material to protect the tank from scratches. For a good fit, the width can be adjusted not only on the hips, but also on the forearms and upper arms.

Tried LS2 Alba: Extremely airy textile jacket

Tobias Beyl

But unfortunately there is also a clear weak point on the sleeves: The red strap is provided with Velcro, its ends are quite stiff due to a rubber strap and stick out. If you now move your arm along the body, the Velcro will bite into the jacket and irreversibly rub the fabric. The clean workmanship and small extras such as reflectors and two inside pockets (one of which is waterproof) polish the overall impression quickly.

Tried LS2 Alba: Extremely airy textile jacket


The LS2 Elba textile jacket is available in gray, black and white at prices from 129 euros in women’s sizes XS to 5XL and men’s sizes S to 5XL.

Plus: Extremely ventilated, many well thought out details

minus: Velcro rubs on jacket, sleeve fastener loose

MOTORCYCLE Rating: Four out of five stars

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