Tried the Sena 10C Pro: helmet camera meets communication device

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Tried the Sena 10C Pro: helmet camera meets communication device
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Tried the Sena 10C Pro: helmet camera meets communication device

Tried Sena 10C Pro
Helmet camera meets communication device

With the 10C Pro, Sena has an all-in-one device in its range: communication system and helmet camera in a slim format. How well does the “all-rounder” work?

Fabian Dresler


As is typical for Sena, the sound quality is at an absolutely top level, even at over 100 km / h, the music being played is still easy to understand and the conversation partners connected via intercom can be clearly understood, as wind noise is reliably filtered out.

Operation takes some practice

For example, it is a bit fiddly to press the middle button without turning the sensitive wheel of the volume control. Otherwise, the operation is intuitive. The recording quality of the camera is also impressive, the 10C Pro delivers driving recordings in QHD quality (when using a suitable memory card). However, the battery life is limited in camera operation.

After about half an hour, the device stops recording – specialized action cameras can do more. However, all other functions are still available even if the battery level is too low for recording. Without using the camera, even six hours of continuous music from the smartphone connected via Bluetooth could not cause any symptoms of fatigue in the 10C Pro. A very good figure.

Noticed positively: Top quality picture and sound

Noticed negatively: Battery life limited when recording video

Price: 399 euros

MOTORRAD verdict: 4.5 stars out of a possible 5


The combination solution from Sena knew how to please in the first test. We really liked the good picture and sound quality. However, the battery life is relatively short when recording videos.

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