Used advice Honda CB Seven Fifty

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Used advice Honda CB Seven Fifty

Used advice Honda CB Seven Fifty
Culture report

Honda’s all-rounder CB Seven Fifty is for some a rather boring endurance runner without rough edges, for others it is the bare cannon par excellence. And it just has its price.

Gerfried Vogt


A Monday shortly after the beginning of spring. Instead of consulting the internet, I strive to find an inexpensive one CB Seven Fifty as an exception, the local advertising paper, which is still fresh off the press. Four of the 73 hp all-rounder are on offer. A 1993 model with a retrofitted full fairing, 60,000 kilometers on the clock, VB 2100 euros, seems too old to me. One column further there is a 1997 with only 15500 kilometers, »also sports exhaust, Streetfighter handlebar, oil change« ?? no, please not a work of art by a passionate screwdriver. But how about that: “Almost as good as new, ideal travel machine”.
Ringing. “Sorry, today it’s no longer possible, my husband is out of town. And tomorrow someone will come to look. Why don’t you call again tomorrow morning, ”the woman explains briefly on the phone. At least I can find out that the Honda is red, is in the garage and is currently not registered. I find out the reason for the latter the next morning. “I’m selling the CB on behalf of my friend, the owner, who died suddenly last fall. That’s why the machine is still there as it was last turned off. ”
The air-cooled Honda is actually a bit dusty at the viewing appointment around noon. But before winter, I am assured that it was brought to the local Honda representative for inspection and TuV approval. When asked about a realistic market value, the workshop manager estimated “around 3000 euros”. And, the seller explains to me, he seriously considered selling his old BMW R 80 and driving the Honda. “But such a four-cylinder, that’s nothing for me,” says the retired driving instructor from the Rems Valley.
The odometer reading shows a mere 24,500 kilometers when we roll out of the garage and inspect the property for sale, which is verifiably built in 1995. The rims are quite dirty, the mufflers still show traces of the boot heels from the last tour, the aluminum handle on the seat has a few scratches, the paint on the handlebar ends is rubbed off, but there is nothing else to worry about. Even the built-on engine protection bars have no quirks.
As far as wear is concerned, the chain is still in the green area, only the mixture of dirt and too much chain grease above the swing arm bearing is ugly. With the best will in the world, nothing can be found that could indicate involuntary street contact. The dust caps on the fork do not show any oil film, they appear to have been leaked. There are also two brand new Metzeler ME Z4s that still have stubble on them, the exhaust collector has slight rust scars, which are normal on a motorcycle of this age group. Even the nipples on the underside of the footpegs never made contact with the asphalt.
The Seven Fifty is first-hand, all inspections have been made, the provider assures. Unfortunately the service booklet has been lost. “His wife has looked everywhere, to no avail. But the dealer can certainly confirm that I’m not telling you any fairy tales. «All well and good, but offer a deregistered vehicle? who will buy a pig in a poke? Connoisseurs, the seller argues, would see at first glance that this is a well-kept travel machine for a more mature semester and not a craft shop. And besides, the Seven Fifty would be known for their unpretentiousness. Objection granted.
Nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, I drive a lap after the red license plate I brought with me is screwed to the rear. The 73 hp of the naked bike, which was sold from 1992, report itself at the first push of a button. No sign of the occasional brake judder on the Seven Fifty. The lower gears also engage cleanly, the clutch disengages as it should be.
After all the camps have successfully passed the shaking and resting point test and the small talk about today’s motorcyclists in general and naked bikes in particular, it’s finally about the money. It was only 2900 euros in the ad, without specifying a basis for negotiation or a fixed price. Well, he could not and does not want to correct the price downwards, especially since there are still the two suitcases and the magnetic tank bag as a bonus. I look for arguments without appearing fussy, ask me to think about it for lack of a flash of inspiration and am pointed out to the second interested party who wants to come after work.
He came, paid 2800 euros ?? as I found out a little later? and is now the proud owner of a technically perfect and just run-in CB Seven Fifty with small blemishes that should actually be significantly cheaper according to the wobble list. Still a bargain? Definitely a good buy for those who are into the Seven Fifty. Deciding at the right moment is an art. I decided otherwise? namely to watch a second Seven Fifty.

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Used advice Honda CB Seven Fifty

Used advice Honda CB Seven Fifty
Culture report

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A bike in its original condition sells best. Can a single change discourage potential buyers? Not really ?? provided the price is right.

A village on the edge of the Swabian Alb. It is early afternoon, the seller is already waiting for us and removes the tarpaulin from the black Honda. He bought the 1996 model new, the speedometer shows 31,500 kilometers. The 830 millimeter wide Fehling handlebars are a real “apehanger” and take some getting used to on the Seven Fifty, the Bowden cables and brake lines still fit so-so. The owner has prepared well, tells one or two anecdotes about TuV and presents a flawless service booklet and all invoices. He had previously driven a Kawasaki Zephyr 750 (“it drank like a hole”) and in the summer of 1996 opted for the Honda because of the high workshop costs. Selling reason today: lack of time. “I just can’t drive anymore,” he explains. The clutch lever was replaced by an accessory counterpart because it fell over, and the short test drive confirmed what I knew beforehand: the handlebars are not for me, it spoils any driving pleasure. The bike has some signs of use, the paint is peeling off the front mudguard, the speedometer is slightly steamed up on the inside, the seat cover has two, albeit tiny, holes. In addition, the front Bridgestone tire is pretty much worn out, the rear tire would also hardly survive a tour of Italy. The almost worn-out brake pads can also be criticized. The chain set was demonstrably replaced after 17,500 kilometers. “That was disappointing,” explains the seller. Negotiation basis 3300 euros was in the ad? Despite the shortcomings and the current soft chopper seating position, he doesn’t want to drop more than 100 euros because he’s in no hurry to sell. Two contenders were there yesterday. Do you want to get in touch again? Thank you very much and prefer to keep looking.

MOTORCYCLE Checkpoint – Honda CB 750 Seven Fifty

MOTORCYCLE Checkpoint Honda CB Seven FiftyMotorAir-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, displacement 747 cm³; two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder operated by hydraulic valve lifters, wet sump lubrication, four Keihin constant pressure carburetors, (34 mm, contactless transistor ignition, no emission control, electric starter, battery 12 V / 14 Ah, five-speed gearbox, chain drive PS) at 8500 rpm Max. Torque 62 Nm (6.3 kpm) at 7500 rpm Chassis Double-loop tubular steel frame, telescopic fork, standpipe diameter 41 mm, two-arm swing arm made of aluminum profiles, two spring struts with five-way adjustable spring base, double disc brake in front, (296 mm, disc brake in rear 240 mm, tire size front 120/70 ZR 17, rear 150/70 ZR 17. Dimensions and weights Wheelbase 1495 mm, steering head angle 64 degrees, spring travel f / r 130/110 mm, seat height 780 mm, tank capacity / reserve 20/3 liters, weight fully fueled 234 kg, gross vehicle weight 425 kg. Service data Service intervals every 6000 km; oil and filter change every 12000 km / 3.0 l; tire pressure solo front / rear 2.5 / 2.9 bar measured values ​​(MOTORRAD 4/2002) Top speed (solo) 200 km / h Acceleration 0-100 km / h (solo) 3.9 seconds Pull-through 60-140 km / h (solo) 13.9 seconds Consumption 5.8 l to 7.5 l / 100 km

Expert tip – Honda CB 750 Seven Fifty

There are no known weaknesses in the Honda CB Seven Fifty. For the used buyer, this means that failures are as good as impossible, especially with models that are well-maintained. The carburettors are sensitive to contamination. Before mothballing in winter, it is essential to drain the float chambers. StrengthsHigh resale value, powerful, uncomplicated engine, good suitability for traveling, track stableWeaknessesRelatively heavy, softly tuned suspension

Facelift – Honda CB 750 Seven Fifty

Model upgrade / history 1992: market launch (5772 euros); Model code RC 42, throttle version 27 and 50 HP; from 1999: only open version with 73 PS The foundation stone for the CB Seven Fifty was laid in 1983 with the market launch of the CBX 650 E (bottom left). Honda’s new inline four-cylinder with hydraulic valve clearance compensation, primarily manufactured for the US market, developed 75 hp and had a low-maintenance cardan. Criticisms: Insufficient driving stability, weak rear suspension. Honda presented the semi-faired, 91 hp CBX 750 F as early as 1984 (bottom center). From 1991, US customers could look forward to the CB 750 F Nighhawk (bottom right), whose weaknesses (rear simplex drum, softly tuned chassis) were largely eliminated in the successor. 1996 (58,000 km) 2,375 euros; 1998 (41,000 km) 2950 euros; 2000 (25000 km) 3800 euros; 2001 (16000 km) 4525 Euro stock approx. 19000 pieces importer Honda Motor Europe (North) GmbH, Sprendlinger Landstrasse 166, 63069 Offenbach, phone 069 / 8309-0, fax 832020 specialists / accessories MAB motorcycle exhaust construction: Michael Klein, De-Vos- Strasse 18, 25524 Itzehoe Telephone 048 21/87 871, Fax 048 21/87 974 Stainless steel exhaust systems Honda Strauch: Karlstrasse 32, 70794 Filderstadt, Telephone 0711/701918, Fax 7079855, tuning up to 90 HP with TuVRW Superbike-Shop : Loisachauen 15a, 82487 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, phone 08821/76963, fax 08821/94 58 64, Accessories, sprockets, complete conversion kit Speed ​​Products: Zum Kaisersbusch 20, 48165 Munster, phone 0251/962540, fax 0251 / 9625444, Back footrests, exhaust systems Wirth-Federn: Osterdiecksfeld 23, 21274 Underloh, phone 04189/81 10 20, fax 04189/81 10 40,, reinforced fork springs Internetttp: // claus .fellermann.bei.t-online.dehttp: //www.hubertmaassen.deh ttp: //www.cb-sevenfifty.dehttp: // // //

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