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Used advice Honda CBR 1100 XX

Second hand advice Honda CBR 1100 XX (2001)
Eco solution?

The CBR 1100 XX started in 1996 as a power bike, with the later following injection model with Kat, Honda said goodbye to the arms race. Which model is more interesting for used buyers?

Peter Limmert


Does it break the 300 barrier or not? That was the question when Honda presented the 164 hp CBR 1000 XX in 1996. A machine that was trimmed for speed in technology and design right from the start. Although it did not quite manage 300 km / h, it was able to prevail against the Kawsaki ZZ-R 1100 in the battle for the laurel wreath for the strongest and fastest mass-produced motorcycle. When Suzuki with the Hayabusa and Kawasaki with the ZX-12R fought for the “Blue Ribbon”, Honda had already withdrawn from the competition.
A good example that the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer does not fit such kind of superlatives into its strategic future goal. Hardly anyone denies that Honda could have done it if only had wanted to. Instead, the Japanese decided to modernize the CBR with injection and three-way catalytic converter in a different way; the nominal output was reduced to 150 hp. Which in no way diminishes the quality of the big bike. Despite the performance deficit, the CBR 1100 was repeatedly ahead of the stronger competition in comparison tests.
Honda customers knew the type of facelift ?? away from the pure, spectacular arms race towards more environmental awareness ?? to be appreciated. Especially since further improvement measures were associated with it. While the carburettor version still had a telescopic fork that was a little too tight, a clutch that occasionally jerked when the gear was engaged and sometimes a not entirely homogeneous power output, Honda had eliminated these points of criticism in the Kat model.
The XX, which MOTORRAD drove, is also an injection model with 150 hp, built in 7/1999, and is offered with 17,000 kilometers for 13,999 marks from Honda dealer Bernd Hacker in Weissach near Stuttgart. For long tours at high speeds, the seating position is perfect for drivers up to around 1.80 meters. Pilots with longer upper bodies and arms often experiment with higher positioned handlebar stubs (Stauch, phone 0711/701918, or LSL, phone 02151/555915, between 900 and 1400 marks) or a one-piece superbike handlebar. The windshield is kept relatively flat, so many XX owners mount a higher touring windshield for fatigue-free high travel speeds on the motorway (test in MOTORRAD 11/2000).
Clutch and shift work go smoothly, the gears slip into the desired position on the Kat model as if by themselves. In 1999, the Japanese modified the clutch with a different material and two friction disks to make it less easy-going, but with an even softer grip. The four-cylinder, calmed with two balancer shafts, generates a lot of pressure from idling speed, and from around 5000 rpm it gets down to business. On the country road with low temperatures and cold tires, the driver likes to shift into last gear quickly. Vibrations can be felt just enough to realize the latent power of the 150 hp.
The handiness of the double X is astonishing. The weight of at least more than five hundred pounds is extremely well balanced, which is why the driver immediately gets down to business without having to use the existing power of the engine on the country road, of course. The tightly damped chassis impresses with its directional stability. The fork is not adjustable. In the case of the shock absorber, the adjustment of the suspension base is ?? possibly necessary for passenger and luggage freight ?? only accessible with contortions. Anyone who decelerates for the first time with Honda’s composite braking system, in which foot and hand levers act on both wheels, will be amazed at how quickly and safely every braking succeeds. This takes some getting used to, but works perfectly in all soil conditions.
Compared to the competition, the CBR 1100 XX looks more delicate, elegant, almost inconspicuous. She compensates for her understatement when it comes to supersport tourers with high quality workmanship and upscale equipment. So far, only a few have covered 100,000 kilometers during the five-year construction period, but it has been proven that it is possible without any problems. If you are toying with the significantly cheaper carburettor model, you should know that the dethrottling of this version, which is officially only offered with 98 hp, requires an additional control unit, which alone costs 560 marks, plus conversion and registration costs. The gray carburetor model, built in 1998, is now offered for 18,500 marks, around 6000 marks less than the official eco-solution. The question of whether the carburettor version is preferable to the catalytic converter also depends on the importance attached to environmental considerations.

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Technical data – Honda CBR 1100 XX

Honda CBR 1100 XXTechnical dataMotorWater-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two balance shafts, two overhead chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder actuated via bucket tappets, electronic intake manifold injection, regulated catalytic converter, secondary air system, displacement 1137 cm³, rated output 110 kW (150 PS) at 9500 / min , Six-speed gearbox, O-ring chain, electric starter. Chassis bridge frame made of aluminum profiles, telescopic fork, stanchion diameter 43 mm, aluminum two-arm swing arm, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front, three-piston calipers, floating brake discs, 0 310 mm, disc brake rear 0 256 mm, integral brake, light alloy cast wheels, spring travel front / rear 120/120 mmDimensions and weightsSeat height 800 mmTank capacity / reserve 24/4 litersWeight fully fueled 257 kg Total weight 438 kgService intervals every 6000 km Test valuesMaximum speed solo 281 km / hAcceleration 0-100 km / h solo 3.0 secConsumption 5.3 / 7.8 litersFuel normalSpare part pricesCollar partsClutch armature 469 MarkHandbrake armature 316 MarkHall handlebars 224 MarkRear-view mirror 257 MarkTachometer front 637 73 MarkFork tube 837 MarkFront mudguard 293 MarkFront wheel 829 MarkMuffler 979 MarkTank, painted 1202 MarkFrame complete 3455 MarkComplete fairingDisc 389 MarkWear partsChain kit 421 MarkBrake pads front, one set 160 MarkCoupler pads, one set 145 MarkSteel and brake disc 22 front maneuver Draft shieldInexpensive inspection costsWeaknesses in the drive trainHigh spare part costsTest in MOTORRAD1Test 20/1996Comparative test 22/1996Comparative test 9/1997Test 2/1999Comparative est 8/1999Comparison test 9/2000Comparison test 22/2000Tire approvals Type SC 35 front rear 120/70 ZR 17 180/55 ZR 17 Bridgestone BT 57, Dunlop D 205, Metzeler ME Z1, Michelin Macadam 90 XSAlternative tires Bridgestone BT 57, Dunlop D 207, MetzelerME Z4, Pirelli MTR 23/24 Footnotes: 1Tests can be ordered from the publisher, telephone see box on page xxx.

Reader’s Experience – Honda CBR 1100 XX

From 1998 onwards I reeled off 32,000 trouble-free kilometers with my XX. In the first year, the black box for the open service was replaced, which could have cracked until 1998. The somewhat tight ground clearance spoils the enjoyment of the Nordschleife at the Nurburgring. Rolf Meyer, Grevenbroich The mileage of my XX from 1997: 103,000 kilometers. The standard Bridgestone BT 57 tires did not prove to be a good choice in the wet. The Dunlop D 205 is much better. The Metzeler ME Z1 offers good grip, but low mileage and fork flutter. The Pirelli pairing MTR 23/24 turned out to be optimal. The fork is clearly tuned too hard. A defective ignition coil was replaced at 35,000 kilometers and the timing chain tensioner was replaced at 93,000 kilometers. Siegmund Hoffmann, Kalchreuth So far (23,500 kilometers) with the injection version, no unscheduled visit to the workshop. Positive: Power even at lower speeds, then convincing thrust out at the top. Great handling, quiet road holding, good-natured despite bear strength. Top light, medium-distance pillion seat that even my 59-year-old mother found trustworthy. Negative: poorly accessible headlight range adjustment, the rear spring preload can only be adjusted with great effort. Kai Schoneborn, IngolstadtMeine XX was rebuilt in 1998 from an accident wreck. She lost 33 kilograms in the process. Apart from a self-inflicted controller defect, there was no damage. Apart from the running characteristics and the service life of the tires (Michelin and Metzeler), I am satisfied. Ulrich Schmidt, Oberndorf

Market overview – Honda CBR 1100 XX

The Honda CBR 1100 XX, in the range since autumn 1996, has sold around 8,000 times so far. The Schwacke list noted: year of construction 1996 (40,900 kilometers) 10550 marks; 1997 (32,500 kilometers) 11,500 marks; 1998 (24,100 kilometers) 13,350 marks; 1999 (15,700 kilometers) 15,150 marks. Whereby the used prices for the carburetor version tend to be below the Schwacke figures, those for the injection version from 1999 onwards, because they are scarcer and in greater demand, tend to be higher. The Kawasaki ZZ-R 1100, the price of which has been falling since the debut of the ZX-12R from the same company, can still be seen as competition for the dignified sports tourer. The most popular, of course, in the fast sports tourer segment is the Hayabusa from Suzuki. Not only, but above all, because when it comes to top speed and sheer power, it has the somewhat chubby silhouette clearly ahead.

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