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Used advice Honda X-11


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Used advice Honda X-11

Used advice Honda X-11
Hopp or top?

Technically, the Honda X-11 as a naked bike has no competition to fear. But the renouncement of retro design put off traditionalists. Ideal for used buyers?

Peter Limmert


In terms of technical and driving dynamics, no other manufacturer can look back on as much experience as Honda when it comes to undisguised big bikes. After all, the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer once invented the CB 750, which is considered the mother of all large-volume naked bikes. And that as early as 1969, at a time when the rest of the motorcycle world was still sitting in the trees in terms of development technology.
But the design and high sales price have left customer interest below expectations in the last decade, see Honda CB 1000 Big One. Even with the bare derivative of the CBR 1100 XX, the X-11, on the German market since autumn 1999, Honda lags behind the inexpensive, successful Suzuki Bandit 1200 and the Kawasaki ZRX 1100/1200 and the Yamaha XJ R1200 in terms of quantities / 1300 afterwards. On top of that, the X-11 has made the newly created large Honda Hornet, as an aesthetically pleasing litter, even more difficult to sell since the beginning of this season.
So the best prerequisites for pulling one of the nearly 2000 X-11s registered in this country into use at a reasonable price? If the signs are not deceptive, this plan will be concocted sooner than it will be realized. Because X-11 owners who have messed with the unusual design of their machine are rarely ready to part with it. This is largely due to the high reliability of the Honda? no glaring weaknesses are known.
In addition, X-11 drivers appreciate the extraordinary motor and chassis potential of their machine. The mixture of modified CBR 1100 XX engine with contemporary manifold injection, regulated catalytic converter, complex CBS composite braking system and a sporty, firm, stable chassis can hardly be found in the category of unclad big bikes. The aerodynamic-looking means such as the spoiler-like radiator and instrument cladding, on the other hand, seem to be more of a show element; the direct competition has few problems with driving stability in the high-speed range, even without these gimmicks.
With the ideally geared five-speed gearbox, the large four-cylinder sprints forward so bravely that the X-11 still achieves record-breaking performance today. For example, it does 60 to 180 km / h in 11.7 seconds in the last, fifth gear compared to the XX (the longer sixth, however) a good three seconds faster. With this elastic drive, the shift work of the left foot could almost be stopped, even starting in last gear is possible.
For short-armed pilots, however, the seating position is not entirely carefree; you have to stretch your upper body too much over the massive tank. A superbike handlebar and a higher fork bridge make handling easier, but the rider hangs in the air flow, which is exhausting. Perhaps Honda should decide to offer a small fairing à la large Yamaha Fazer as standard during a facelift.
If you still have aesthetic scruples, a test drive is recommended. The qualities of the X-11 quickly dispel any doubts.

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Used advice Honda X-11

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Hopp or top?

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MOTORCYCLE Checkpoint – Honda X-Eleven

ENGINE: Liquid-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine, two overhead, chain-driven camshafts, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, displacement 1137 cm³, rated output 100kW (136 hp) at 9000 / min, maximum torque 113 Nm at 7000 / min, electronic intake manifold injection, engine management , regulated catalytic converter, secondary air system, electric starter, five-speed gearbox, chain CHASSIS: Bridge frame made of aluminum profiles, screwed rear frame, telescopic fork, two-sided swing arm made of aluminum profiles, central spring strut with adjustable spring base, double disc brake at the front, disc brake at the rear, composite brake system, spring travel f / h 120/120 mm , Tire size front 120/70 ZR 17, rear 180/55 ZR 17 SEAT HEIGHT: 790 mm WEIGHT FULLY FUELED: 257 kg LOADING: 185 kg TANK CAPACITY / RESERVE: 22/4 liters 0-100 km / h solo: 3.0 seconds MAXIMUM SPEED solo: 242 km / h CONSUMPTION : 6.4 liters / 100 km normal SERVICE INTERVALS: every 6000 kilometers CONSTRUCTION TIME (NEW PRICE): 1999 (9505 euros) to today (2002 10290 euros) USED TRAVEL ACCORDING TO THE JACKLIST: 1999 (24,600 kilometers) 6375 euros 2000 (16,200 kilometers) 7050 euros 2001 (7800 kilometers) 8300 euros INVENTORY: Approx. 2000 pieces IMPORTANT TECHNICAL CHANGES: The Honda X-11, type designation SC 42, will be delivered technically unchanged from September 1999 onwards STRENGTHS: – Strong engine – track stable chassis – suitable for pillion passengers and long-distance travel WEAKNESSES: – polarizing design – seating position takes some getting used to 32 euro handlebars 209 euro rearview mirror 47 euro front indicator 49 euro rear indicator 48 euro speedometer 191 euro tachometer 291 euro tank, painted 700 euro headlights 130 euro fork standpipe 154 euro front mudguard 145 euro front wheel 580 euro silencer 598 euro side stand 61 euro complete frame 1512 euro wear parts front (complete) 92 euro brake pads rear 46 euro brake disc front 266 euro clutch friction discs 125 euro air filter 41 euro oil filter 9 euro chain kit 172 euro battery 89 euro strut 349 euro gas cable 24 euro fork seals 40 euro cylinder head gasket 61 euro clutch cable 25 euro steering head bearing 41 euro seat bench 289 euro

Readers’ opinions – Honda X-Eleven

»The conversion of my X-11 started quite harmlessly with indicators. And now? «Thomas Heuss, Bensheim« The engine pulls in fifth gear in the morning and out again in the evening. The design polarizes. «Emanuel Hermeler, Gelnhausen» With the original springs, the front fork locks in two-person operation during braking maneuvers. Technoflex springs helped. Solo has a slight oscillation when cornering at high speed. Criticism also of the dual CBS. You are not sure about the front and rear boundaries. «Holger Mix, Bochum» Minuses are a stuck tank and ignition lock as well as the pathetic bench on which you can barely survive more than 300 kilometers. «Kai-Uwe Tesch, Salzgitter

Inside interview with Peter Hartenstein – Honda X-Eleven

? What was your first impression of the X-11 as a naked bike? Despite the colossal appearance, it has an independent look. Traditional purists, however, are deterred by the design. A test drive almost always convinces you.? Can the X-11 stand up to the new, large Hornet in the long term, despite more power and G-Kat? The technically more demanding bike is the X-11. The technology ?? Engine, chassis, brakes – is beyond criticism. ? Do you agree that the engine is good for 100,000 kilometers? At least.? Why did you choose the idiosyncratic forward sitting position? Obviously, Honda went the option ??? high, lane-stable motorway cruising speed ?? about everything.

Improvement Tips – Honda X-Eleven

Chassis The specialists (Wilbers, Wirth, White Power) offer more progressive fork springs for a tighter telescopic fork for heavier pilots or traveling for two with luggage for around 100 euros (Wilbers, Wirth, White Power) Bike Side company (see also MOTORRAD 10/2001) at a price of around 1700 euros. Of course, the special parts are also available individually. For example, the front spoiler (from 204 euros), the cockpit cladding (from 419 euros), the rear interior trim (from 194 euros), a higher triple clamp with superbike handlebars (from 302 euros), Devil silencers (around 780 euros) and a bench (around 255 euros). RW Superbike Shop also offers various parts for Streetfighter conversion under the name Bad Boys Toy. Among other things, a GRP mudguard from 70 euros, an aluminum fork bridge from 240 euros, an aluminum handlebar for 41 euros, a footrest conversion from 130 euros and a seat shell made entirely of GRP plus upholstery from 590 euros Mad Mix offers protection for the shock absorber (159 euros) and handlebar fairing (259 euros). If you think you can do without the voluminous plastic spoiler covers of oil and water coolers, you can opt for the slim grille version from Metisse (159 euros). which, according to the company, is used by numerous customers without any noticeable loss of front wheel stability & Becker, Givi and Krauser offer fully functional case systems plus a topcase that have been classified as good by MOTORRAD (18/2000) at a price between 600 and 725 euros. Those who do not want to do the torture with sturdy suitcases can also order the nylon bags plus a pillion bag specially offered by the manufacturer from their Honda dealer for around 306 euros. The Bagster company converts the original seat bench according to individual customer requirements for around 300 euros.Tire recommendationsFor touringBridgestone BT 20 120/70 ?? ZR17 58W Radial 180/55 ?? ZR17 73 WEher sportlich Michelin Pilot Sport 120/70 ZR 17 (58W) TL 180/55 ZR 17 (73W) TLWerkstatt-HandbuchThe part coveted by screwdrivers is available (after persuasion) at any Honda dealer at a price of 85 euros

Addresses – Honda X-Eleven

Importer Germany Honda Motor Europe (North), Phone 069/83090, Importer Austria, Honda Austria, Phone 022/366900 Importer Switzerland, Phone 022/9390819, Specialists and miscellaneous White Power, Phone 05924 / products.comWilbers Products, phone 05921/727170, www.wilbers.deWirth, phone 04189/811020,, Bad Boys Toys, phone 08821/76963,, Bike Side, phone 07245/108823, www.bikeside.deMad Mix, phone 02972/920438 www.madmix.deMetisse, phone 07191/302030, www.metisse.deGepacksystemeBagster, phone 06451/715483, www.bagster.comGivi, phone 06002 / 91030www.givi.deHepco & Becker, Phone 06334 / Krauser, Phone 06334/92280, www.krauser.deUsed machine offers, Used parts, Phone 09141 / Phone 06152 / 710840www.Piets-motorradladen.deUsed .preisewww.schwacke .deHomepage for Honda

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