WoW electric scooter: Two variants with 45 and 85 km-h

WoW electric scooter

Two variants with 45 and 85 km / h

Two new small electric scooters are rolling in from Italy. The WoW scooters compete in classes L1e and L3e. According to the manufacturer, the ranges are around 100 kilometers.

W.oW, based in Saronno, in Lombardy, is initially launching its first two electric scooter models in its Italian homeland. From autumn 2020, the markets in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium will also be served.

A technical basis

Model 4 and Model 6 share the complete technical platform. The distinction is made via the electric drive configuration. Both roll on 16-inch wheels, measure 2.007 mm in length, are 725 mm wide and come to a height of 1.168 mm without mirrors. The weight without batteries is between 93 and 95 kilograms. With energy storage on board – they hang in two modules on the left and right of the rear frame – up to 24 kilograms heavier. The electric motor sits in the front of the swing arm, which is supported by a central spring strut, and drives the rear wheel via a toothed belt. A conventional telescopic fork takes over the wheel guidance at the forehead. The bench seat offers space for two passengers and the lighting is based on LED technology. Disc brakes on both wheels are used to decelerate. Under the seat there is a 55 liter helmet compartment in which two open face helmets should fit. The helmet compartment is opened by remote control on the start button. Another button, this time on the handlebars, allows reverse mode at crawling speed.


Almost 100 kilometers range

Model 4, which competes in class L1e, has a 3.9 kW electric motor and can be equipped with battery capacities of 2.2 kWh, 3.0 kWh or 3.4 kWh. The range is up to 107 km, the top speed is limited to 45 km / h.

In Model 6 the electric motor has an output of 4.73 kW, and the battery capacity can be selected between 3.0 kWh and 3.4 kWh. Here the maximum range is 96 kilometers, the top speed 85 km / h. The two battery modules can simply be removed from the rear for recharging. In addition, the Wow-Rollers have braking energy recovery.

In Italy, the WoW Model 4 starts at 3,750 euros, the Model 6 is available from 4,790 euros. Both prices include the Italian VAT of 22 percent. In Germany, the starting prices are likely to be correspondingly lower with the new VAT rate of 16 percent.


Electric scooter at the price of a comparable combustion engine – the WoW concept could work.

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