WSBK – Cal Crutchlow takes home double! –

Cal Crutchlow wins home brace !

WSBK - Cal Crutchlow takes home double! -

This afternoon took place on the super fast track of Silverstone the 10th round of the World Superbike Championship. The British responded to the meeting, including Cal Crutchlow, winner of both races !

This afternoon took place on the super fast track of Silverstone the 10th round of the World Superbike Championship. The British responded to the meeting, including Cal Crutchlow, winner of both races !

First Superbike race

Jonathan Rea takes the lead as soon as the lights go out in front of Max Biaggi, Cal Crutchlow, Michel Fabrizio, Troy Corser, Ruben Xaus, Leon Haslam, etc. Johnny tries to dress up but Cal sets off after him. Biaggi can’t keep up and has to deal with Fabrizio’s attacks…

Behind the two Italians, a third Briton wants to climb on the podium: Leon Haslam! The Suzuki rider can see his two compatriots slowly moving away on the handlebars of their respective Honda and Yamaha. Cal is in Jonathan’s wheel but does not try anything, in order to better outrun the others and save his tires.

It was in the third lap that Michel Fabrizio and his Ducati passed – once and for all – ahead of Max and his RSV4. An interesting duel is brewing: that of Biaggi against Haslam, of the leader of the championship against his runner-up.

Unfortunately, a gap of the Italian in a straight turn – relatively – dry makes the Latin lose two places at once. Haslam is therefore fourth, half a second from Fabrizio and a little more than two seconds from Rea and Crutchlow who impassively continue their parade..

In fifth position are Troy Corser and his S1000RR. The Australian is followed from a distance by Biaggi and no less than three Britons: Toseland, Camier and Byrne! The only French on the plateau, Sylvain Guintoli, battles at a distant 15th position. English by adoption, Syl ‘is not at the party…

In the lead, Cal Crutchlow chomped on the brakes of his R1. Visibly faster than Rea, the n ° 35 saves itself for the end of the race. But Fabrizio’s constant comeback forces him to advance his attack. In the 7th loop, Cal easily overtakes Johnny and raises the tone.

Stung to the quick, and not that slow, Rea takes the lead on the next lap! Despite these courtesy exchanges, Fabrizio does not manage to really make the connection. But the Italian is followed like his shadow by Haslam, who intends to grab the maximum points at Biaggi !

The Roman Emperor has also recovered: he rolls in the wake of Corser and can therefore join the Top 5 on condition that he no longer makes mistakes. For his part, Leon Haslam pushes Fabrizio off the podium. The n ° 91 is less than two seconds behind his friends at n ° 35 and 65…

At the halfway point, Rea was still holding on against Crutchlow. The two men are pursued by Haslam, now rid of Fabrizio. Further still, the peloton is fighting for 5th place. Camier leads the way but Biaggi, Toseland, Checa, and Corser follow him.

With seven laps to go, warned by his signaller of Haslam’s charge, Crutchlow took the reins of the race for the second time. To the cheers of the public, the three Britons push their Japanese to their limits. It almost feels like a Superpole !

From then on, the victory seemed acquired to Crutchlow: the Yamaha twists in all directions, its rear Pirelli cries out to torture but Crutchlow does not care and wrings the right handle even more! We know Rea is very combative, especially at the end of the race, but on this round he can do nothing … No more than Haslam, posted to a solitary 3rd place.

Behind, four laps from the lowering of the checkered flag, Biaggi sets the record straight and overtakes his young teammate for fifth place. Right behind them, Toseland and Checa are also fighting like ragpickers.

Courageous, our Sylvain Guintoli is in 12th place on the last lap, behind Max Neukirchner but ahead of Jakub Smrz and a certain Noriyuki Haga…

The last loop goes smoothly for the two Englishmen Crutchlow and Haslam, as well as for the Irish Rea. The first podium this Sunday is therefore 100% British: Cal – for whom it is the first victory in WSBK – ahead of Jonathan and Leon, to the delight of the spectators !

Second Superbike race

Jonathan Rea takes the best start again, ahead of Crutchlow, Biaggi and Haslam! Very motivated, Leon tries to overtake Max from the first corners but has to widen. The English therefore does not reach 3rd place and is even overtaken by Corser !

Meanwhile, Rea and Crutchlow isolate themselves at the forefront! Corser, who had just passed Biaggi, loses the front of his BMW and has to retire. Immediately Haslam overtakes Biaggi and goes hunting for big points.

The fastest in the race at the start of the race is James Toseland: the Englishman quickly isolated himself from the rest of the peloton to take the wheel of Biaggi. In this peloton, Camier and Fabrizio ensure the show, not far in front of Byrne, Smrz and Guintoli.

In the fourth lap, our Frenchie n ° 50 jumped to 9th place and took up position under the pots of Fabrizio’s 1198. In front, the two official Aprilia are pressing their respective opponents: Biaggi on Haslam and Camier on Toseland !

During this time, Rea and Crutchlow follow the loops at a frantic pace and hoist themselves beyond the reach of their pursuers who are Haslam, Biaggi … and Camier! Aprilia’s No.2 left compatriot Toseland behind and finds himself in the wheel of his teammate Biaggi. Will he dare to overtake n ° 3 ?

In fact, Leon Camier does not hesitate for long: just before the halfway point, the Englishman overtakes the Italian and lodges in the wheel of his namesake "Leon" Haslam. Besides, he didn’t stay there long either since in the next loop, the big Leon made short work of the little one..

Straight ahead, Crutchlow opens – truly – hostilities seven laps from the end. But Rea does not deflate and keeps the lead. Cal decides to procrastinate again … Camier on the other hand, is far from giving up the gas and gradually moves away from Haslam.

Biaggi meanwhile leaves the track and lets Toseland and Checa pass. Guintoli therefore finds himself in Biaggi’s wake: will the Frenchman be able to find the leader of the championship located a few lengths away, and help his teammate Haslam in the championship? ?

Four laps from the finish, Rea missed the rope on a right and opened a door for Crutchlow, though not wide enough. It is only in the next loop that Cal sets fire to the powder: the Yamaha passes the Honda, fails to go highside but remains on its wheels! After this great heat, n ° 35 moves away irresistibly from n ° 65.

The show is then provided by Toseland and Haslam, posted in 4th and 5th places. The Suzuki pilot, perfectly aware that Biaggi follows Toseland like his shadow, does not accept to be passed by James and passes him again with authority. Max himself, cannot – or does not want? – try nothing.

At the head, Cal Crutchlow mistreats the Yamaha like never before: the R1 slips, rears, even jumps, but his rider remains in control … Cal therefore pockets his first double in the World Superbike, with incredible panache. Johnny does not demerit and obtains a second 2nd place. Camier takes the podium for the third time in his short WSBK career.

We had to wait for the last few meters to see Leon Haslam get a nice 4th place, ahead of an enraged James Toseland, who crossed the finish line in the grass alongside Max Biaggi! The Roman Emperor leaves Silverstone with 60 points in the championship: will the coronation take place at Imola, just after the Nurburgring event? Stay connected…

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