WSBK – Penalty at Monza: the rififi continues between Biaggi and Ciabatti – Biaggi disappointed, fans revolted

Penalty in Monza: the rififi continues between Biaggi and Ciabatti

WSBK - Penalty at Monza: the rififi continues between Biaggi and Ciabatti - Biaggi disappointed, fans revolted

As Max Biaggi saw his first victory of the 2011 season slip away due to a penalty ten days ago, the Italian rider and his many fans have struggled with the management’s decision.. The big boss of the WSBK, Paolo Ciabatti, answered them.

Biaggi disappointed, revolted fans

On May 8, Eugene Laverty defied all predictions by winning the two rounds of World Superbike at Monza (read our and).

Second in the first round, Max Biaggi had won the race in the second, until he left the track … and his illegal return (see the video below of Haslam and Badovini in the first round, then that of Biaggi Secondly).

In his official statement the same evening, the world No. 1 kept a low profile: "I have to accept this harsh decision and I can only blame myself for not being smart enough to avoid this line", declared the Roman Emperor.

But on its official website, the tone was much less civilized: "I received many messages of support and it helps me get over this big disappointment", wrote Max the day after the ordeal."Unfortunately, it will not allow me to recover the points I lost while holding the victory in the palm of my hand. !"

"I feel like someone who would have made a small mistake but would be punished for a serious offense", adds the Aprilia rider."I accept the penalty even if, with my lead of 5/6 seconds, common sense would have liked the penalty to be different".

For his part, the director of the World Superbike Paolo Ciabatti pointed out on Sunday evening that Max Biaggi had not attended the exceptional meeting concerning precisely the exits of the track at the level of the chicanes – and especially the returns !.

The sentence that kills death

The conclusion of the Max Biaggi statement could not be more vengeful: "I would also like to add that if I actually manage to win this title … its taste will be all the more tasty !"From two things one now: either this rage propels Biaggi towards this victory which he has been lacking since the start of the season, or it unsettles him as we saw at Donington … The bets are off !

The main party does not deny the information, but wishes to defend himself: "Regarding the briefing on Thursday, I had previously warned the Director General of the SBK, Paolo Ciabatti, that I will not be able to go there, explaining to him why. Our team manager, Francesco Guidotti, went there in my place and explained everything to me afterwards.".

"To conclude", continues Biaggi on its site,"I would like to thank my fans who voiced their dissatisfaction at the press conference in public". A reaction which did not please much, one can imagine it easily, to those responsible for the discipline…

On the following page you will therefore find, in full, the open letter of Paolo Ciabatti "to all Biaggi and Superbike fans". And it is promised: in our next article dedicated to the WSBK, Site will speak again about times, fights – on track – and victories … of Biaggi? Stay tuned !

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