WSBK – Regis Laconi: I will be riding in 2010! –

Regis Laconi: I will be riding in 2010 !

WSBK - Regis Laconi: I will be riding in 2010! -

After the terrible wave of concern caused by his fall on the dangerous Kyalami circuit (South Africa), Regis Laconi continues his convalescence in Aix-en-Provence with his parents. And is reassuring about his condition with his sponsor Segura !

Almost 34 years old, the pilot from Saint-Dizier (55) approached the 2009 season full of hope and with a knife between his teeth: after three years of purgatory riding a Kawasaki ZX-10R difficult to take and suffering from lack involvement of the factory, Regis Laconi finally saw his tenacity rewarded by signing a contract with DFX Corse Racing where he returned to the Ducati family !

Regis back to business !

Immediately into the rhythm with a devilish 1098 RS09 and on which he can once again express this talent which almost opened the doors to a world title in 2004, Regis Laconi immediately scores an extraordinary fourth place in the first meeting of the season in Australia !

From the top of his 164 starts in WSBK since 2003, 7 pole positions, 28 podiums and 11 victories, the driver from Meuse thus proves that he has lost none of his enthusiasm and his speed! And if it is excluded to see him dominate a Spies or a Haga over the length of the championship with a private motorbike, his two fourth places in Valencia nevertheless position him as an outsider of choice against many factory bikes….

The ace ! As he approaches the sixth event in South Africa in 7th position overall, Regis petrifies the small French speed world and its many fans with fear: victim of a spectacular fall to over 200 km / h during the first tests, the pilot suffers from the lack of security of the Kyalami circuit and is rushed to hospital in a worrying condition (read)…

Severely injured in the vertebrae, Regis is plunged into an artificial coma before undergoing a major operation … from which he miraculously emerges without major damage to his physical integrity (read)! The courageous Ducati rider deployed all his energy to recover as quickly as possible, in order to be able to return to his parents in the south of France to continue his rehabilitation.

"It’s going nickel and super good!"

Marked, Regis gently begins exercises to get back in shape: swimming pool and exercise bike are on the program, as well as the good cooking of a mother fiercely determined to make him regain the eight pounds lost since the accident. !

Personal sponsor of the pilot, the manufacturer Segura – who is making his comeback in competition this year – went to hear from Regis. And the least we can say is that morale is good! Selected pieces.

How are you Governing ?
Regis Laconi : it’s going nickel and super good! I’m having a big "recovery" and I need a lot of time. I have been back to my parents’ house in Aix-en-Provence for 15 days and I am standing by the pool talking to you! On the other hand, there is the famous cervical which needs between three and four months of consolidation..

How is your rehabilitation going? ?
R. L. : I have been riding an exercise bike for a week now, 50 minutes in the morning with a little swimming. Everything is going well. I had lost 8 kg when I arrived here and I have already recovered four! Slowly, I regain my legs and muscle. I now eat normally. You can reassure everyone: Regis has left in the right direction but it takes time! Guys who quit smoking don’t quit in five minutes. I had a serious accident, now it’s time for my return. What I regret the most is the fact that some French journalists buried me too quickly … I read indecent stuff about me !

Do you plan to ride again this season ?
R. L. : it would be unconscious of me. I prefer to prepare myself physically and we’ll see. Everything in its time ! At best, I could consider riding Imola (September 27), Magny-Cours (October 4) and Portimao (October 25) but in any case, I will come to races without worry with great pleasure. Getting back on a motorcycle without being 100% is unthinkable for me. I’m already lucky to be here today, because it is clear that I have had a good death…

What relationship do you keep with your team ?
R. L. : DFX Corse is a really great team and I want to thank them here for everything they have done and what they are still doing. For the rest, I know they hope to see me on track as soon as possible, but for them the most important thing is that I get back in shape. With them it’s zero pressure and it’s extraordinary! I can tell you that there aren’t many teams that would have done that for a driver. Especially since at the moment with Lanzi, they are not laughing every day … Thanks again to Daniele Carli who gave me the opportunity to ride a Ducati, just like to Segura, who for his return in the competition trusted me 1000%. It’s really extraordinary for a French driver to ride for a French company! For next year, it is too early to talk about it but what is certain is that I will be riding in 2010 !

It is thanks to your incredible physical condition or your super morale that you are here today ?
R. L. : My physical condition has a lot to do with it, I think. When I see what state I was in South Africa and now in Aix, it is certain that without my physique, I was dead in advance. Besides, knowing me, the first thing that crossed my mind was to get my head out of the water. Then I need to get my physique back. Not to show off, but to ride again. As long as I am not at 100%, I will work to make it happen and basta! In 15 days to three weeks, I will start cycling in the region. And then my parents are there and I found all the friends who come to see me. Thank you also to everyone who thinks of me and supports me. I can just tell them it’s alright and I’ll go say hello soon !

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